Italian Phrase of the Day! I want to go on the swing!


in the language of your choice!

Do you have a swing set in your backyard? I bet they have been a life saver this past month! We got a swing to hang from a tree in our yard, and it’s been nice for me to even relax on. But I’ve totally lived in apartments where we didn’t have a swing!! So if that’s you and swings are off limits at your park, you’ll have to wait to use this phrase. But it will be worth the wait!

This is such an awesome phrase for your child to learn because it’s totally the go to phrase when kids run out to the playground or backyard. It’s like a call from them for you to come over and push them or a call for them to claim their spot on the swing before anyone else gets to it, right?

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Hey, it’s Adelaide from TalkBox.Mom,
and we are doing

our kids’ phrases for the week,
for our foreign language phrases.

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Today, we’re doing the phrase,
“I want to go on the swing!”

Swing! Beacuse when we get to the playground

my kids are always like,
“I want to go on the swing!”

and then they run off and go on the swing.
On the swing! On the swing!

Okay, so if you already have the
$35 phrase book, you can

follow along in the language of your choice.

Today, we’re going to be doing the language
in a specific language.

Darian, you have the
random language generator?

What? Ready to press it.


Okay. Push the button!

Did you push it?

Yes, I pushed it.

All right! It chose Italian.

All right, we’re going to go down to “S.”
Is that where the Eiffel Tower is?

That’s France where they speak French.
Italian. Where’s Italian? Like the Pizzeria and

Mario! Oh my gosh.

Hey Nolan, come do this phrase with us, okay?
To get to it you want to go to “S”

and then you want to go over to “Swing”
for our swing phrases.

Hey Nolan, it’s going to be hard
for them to hear it,

if you’re yelling.

So, come over here and do the
swing phrases with us.



All right, here we go!

So it’s, “I want to go on the swing.”

Are you ready Nolan?

Ready. Oh, wait.

Wait. Come on over Nolan.

It’s the one with the heart.
Here we go.

“Voglio andare” “Voglio andare”
“sull’altalena” “sull’altalena”

“Voglio andare sull’altalena.”
“Voglio andare sull’altalena.”

We don’t speak Italian,
so we are going to need to try that,

we’re going to need to try that one again.

Nolan, I’m going to need you to calm down. Here we go.

“Voglio andare” “Voglio andare”

Let’s do that part again.

“Voglio andare” “Voglio andare”
“sull’altalena.” “sull’altalena.”

“Voglio andare sull’altalena.”
“Voglio” san can sa “altalena.”

Okay, when you’re starting
and you can’t do the full phrase,

that’s just fine.

What you would want to do,
is just do the word-by-word one,

and use that until it feels really easy to you.

It’s like English to your ears
when it gets so easy.

You understand it like English! Exactly.

So, we do Spanish and German in our home,
so we can do this

easy in Spanish and German,
but Italian we’re just starting

to hear all the sounds being said.
So, if you’re using this

phrase with your family, tag
us in your Instagram stories at

There’s no dot, no dot in the Instagram thing.

I know. I know. I know. I know.

Okay, we’ll see you there. Bye!

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