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The question, “Is your room clean?” is usually met with an, “I think so,” from teenagers. It’s like they can’t ever quite commit one way or the other. Ha!

I am so excited to have the phrase, “I think so,” on the calendar this week. This informal phrase isn’t likely to show up in a traditional foreign language text book and yet it is something that we say all the time. And maybe, the next time your child tries to pretend like they cleaned their room with an, “I think so”, you will let it slide because at least they said it in a foreign language! 😆

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Hello! I’m Darian, and this is my mom,

Adelaide, we’re both from TalkBox.Mom, and the phrase is,

“I think so.” “I think so.”


That’s the phrase. This week

we’re focusing on super short phrases and
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I love everything Darian said. Really awesome!

And these balloons are awesome.

So, we’re going to do this phrase,

“I think so,” in one language, and
Darian’s going to use the

random language generator to choose the language that we’re going to do.


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Okay, bye balloon.

Ok, I tried to grab it and it went bloop!

Oh my goodness.
It’s just like, “Don’t touch me.”

All right, Darian,

you got that random language generator?
Let me just unlock the

box. It’s in a secure box.

Yeah, because if you let it loose
it will go crazy, and then blow

up the whole entire world.
Oh, we got to be careful with that.

It has like 20 locks.
Okay, we ready?

Oh, it’s mad.It wants to escape.

Oh my goodness!

Okay, you got Italian! Now, if you already have the $35 phrasebook

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I’ll show you how to do that.

And you gotten this adorable kitty, you can never miss!

You can never miss this kitty!

Okay to get to it with the kitty,

this phrase is actually coming from when you’re packing up

something, and then like, “Do you have that?,” and you’re like, “I think so.”

So that’s going to be…
Like, let’s say, like, you’re going

to Mexico. You’re going to, whatever,
the North Pole, you just like,

“Do you have all your stuff?,”

for, “I think so.” Never think so, you gotta know. Because if you think

so, once I thought I brought my tablet charger and it wasn’t there!

Oh! That’s pretty rough.


This one they’re saying like, “Are the wipes in the baby bag?”

Like, “Is this in the baby bag?” And they’re like,

“I think so.”

Let’s hear how they say that, in that situation.
-And they’re like, the baby

does a massive poop.

“Now we have to use the socks. Anybody have some socks to wipe it?”

If you don’t have any baby wipes?


I would love to know, if you comment below, and tell us what

you’ve done when you don’t have baby wipes!

Okay, here we go.

Let’s try the phrase.
Yes! Comment,

We gotta know. We have to know. We have to!
We watched, we just put

the baby, like, in the sink and rubbed his booty one time.

He had, like, a big blowout at a restaurant and we went through

all the wipes.

It was so nasty.

It was just… -It was so gross.

I know.
So, so gross.

Okay, here we go.

It was like, it was like, gun.
Combine with a baby.

“Credo” “Credo” “di sì.” “di sì.”
“Credo di sì.” “Credo di sì.”

Very Italian. It was like, It was like a, “yah!”
It was very Italian.

“Credo di sì!”

That was a too much, wasn’t it?
I was like, you were like, “I think so!”

“I think so!”

Okay, umm, umm, what to say after that?

If you are using this phrase,
please don’t do the red face,

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We would love to see using them.

Maybe you can make a silly one like Darian.

Would you love to see your other
friends making these?

Yes! Okay.

Bye guys! Bye! Make some silly ones! Show us!

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