Italian Phrase of the Day! I love reading with you.

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Inspire, don’t require. That phrase is always in the back of my mind as we raise our boys. I do my best to inspire our kids to doing what is right, to work hard, to have fun, and everything else by doing that myself. I hope that by my example the boys will also want to do those things. Reading is no different. I love to read. When they see me reading or listening to an audio book, it inspires them to do the same! Reading with them helps that too. Today’s phrase, “I love reading with you,” can go right along with instilling a love of reading into your kids.

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🇧🇷Brazilian Portuguese

This is Phrase of the Day.

I’m Darian, this is my mom Adelaide,

and we’re doing Phrase of the Day.

It’s reading.

Yes, we’re doing reading together phrases.

And today’s phrase is, “I love reading with you.”

I love reading with you.

I love reading with you.

All right, so you can DM us

for the Phrase of the Day calendar.

Darian, why don’t you grab

the random language generator?

We’re going to try out this phrase

in one language.

“I love reading with you.”

Oh, I was, like, it’s not pushing.

Okay, get ready to push it.


Oh, you did it!


Now, if you have the $35 phrasebook,

you can follow along in the app,

and I will show you how to do that.

Actually, Darian, tell us where to go. “P”


Oh, “R” “R”


Okay, we’re going to go down to “R” for,


Rawr, but we’re going to click read,

for our reading phrases.

High five.


And then let’s do,

“I love reading with you,” in Italian.

Who speaks Italian?


Let’s try it.

“Mi piace”

“Mi piace”



“con te.”

“con te.”

Con te.

“Mi piace leggere con te.”

“Mi piace leggere con te.”

“Mi piace leggere con te.”

Yeah, I like that.

That was a good first try. Let’s try…

Let’s hear it one more time. You ready?

Oh, I didn’t hit play, sorry.

Let me click on it.

“Mi piace”

“Mi piace”



“con te.”

“con te.”

“Mi piace leggere con te.”

“Mi piace leggere con te.”

That’s a good first try.

Thank you, Darian, for trying that out.

So to teach your child this phrase,

after you finish reading,

you can always say this in a foreign language

to give them

even more foreign language exposure,

and have it be a phrase that’s part of your life.

All right.

We will see you again tomorrow.

Thanks for joining us. Bye.


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