Italian Phrase of the Day! Do you want some water?

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Have you seen the water wall art videos going around Facebook? Kids pose against an outside wall, and you spray them with a hose. They walk away, and what’s left is the dry outline of where they were standing. The kids love seeing their outline! It’s the simple pleasures in life, right? Well, while you’re out playing in the water, you can make sure your kids are drinking water too! Use today’s phrase to ask, “Do you want some water?” to either spray them down with a hose (sound like something Dad would like to do, ha!) or if you’re handing them a water bottle. If you do the water wall, tag me in it! I’d love to see it!


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“Do you want some water?”


That is today’s Phrase of the Day.

It’s our last day doing the playground
phrases, and when we’re

at the playground-
Darian, where’d you go? I can’t see you.

When we’re at the playground,

I’m always like, “Do you want some water?” Because you guys are like,

looking a little too hot.


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I’m just closing this water bottle.

Yeah, so it doesn’t spill. Let’s do
that even tighter.


Let’s see.

Are you ready to do this?

I’m ready to do this one.

Are you ready to do this? Italian!

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Oh, thanks, Darian. He goes,
“Nothing happened.”

To get to this phrase,
It fell when it got hit.

we’re going to go to “W”
“W” for “Wonder Woman.”

You told me a joke about Wonder Woman,
or super-

Your mom’s so…
Okay, let me say it.

Your mom’s-

Your mom’s so cool,

Wonder Woman had to change her name to Okay Woman.

Darian said that to me.

I thought it was really sweet.

Okay, so we’re going to go to “Water,” and
the phrase again

is, “Do you want some water?” which is great at the playground.

So let’s say this together in Italian.



“Vuoi dell’acqua?”
“Vuoi dell’acqua?”

I had my audio up really high, it surprised us.


That’s to 2 plus, “Volete dell’acqua?”
“Volete dell’acqua?”

Let’s say it.



“Volete dell’acqua?”
“Volete dell’acqua?”

Oh, I like how you did the, kind of the-
Yeah like, it has like a-

Do you know, this is the language
that Mario speaks.

Mario and Luigi.



Yeah, yeah.

All right, if you’re using this phrase, tag
us in the Instagram

stories @talkboxmom.

See you there.
Bye, bye.

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