Italian Phrase of the Day! Do you see the moon?


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What holds the moon up? Moonbeams.

Get it? You’re welcome for that dad joke! Hahaha. You can follow up with that uh-mazing joke after asking your kids today’s phrase, “Do you see the moon?” Do you have some awesome moon jokes? Let’s hear them in the comments below!! There’s nothing better than a good eye roll from a kid who’s embarrassed of their mom or dad!

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Did you see the moon?

It was really beautiful.

That’s our phrase today,
is “Did you see the moon?”

There’s a lot of fun things that
happen with the moon.

We’re always commenting on it.

You’re always peeking out your
window at the moon, right?

So today we’re going to do the phrase,
“Did you see the moon?”

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One, ten, three thousand.

That’s a lot of kids to control.

All right, you grab that random-

I’ll grab it. Grab the random language generator.
I’ll push it, push it!

I pushed it!

What did you push? You got Italian.

You jumped in and did that one real fast.

All right, can we put the random language generator down?

I know you want to fix it, huh?

There we go.

Okay, so-
I like fixing things.

You do, and you’re so good at it Darian.

I think you’re pretty good.
I need the right tool.

Yeah, sometimes. Didn’t you put a whole bike together with your daddy?

That was really good.

Okay, and Darian-

Oh, it’s “Do you see the moon?”

Oh my gosh.

I was saying the phrase wrong. Sometimes when we look at the

moon we say, “Do you see the moon?”

So “Did you see?” “Do you see?”

Okay, today’s phrase is, “Do you see the moon?” All good phrases.

Okay, so let’s do-
“Did you” or, “Do you see?”

We’re doing, “Do you see the moon?”

Which is also good, because then we can
look at it together.

Like, “Do you see?” “Did you see?”
“Did you?” is like “I didn’t see

it with you,” but I guess you’re my kid,

I’d see it with you.

So, “Do you see the moon?” makes more sense.

Okay, so we’re going to go to, “M.”

Okay, Mr. Foot is going to join us today.

We’re going to be using this phrase
in the moment

as life’s happening, because that’s the best way to start talking.

And so-
It has phrases like, “It’s a full moon,”

“Where is the moon?”

“Do you see the moon?”

So let’s try “Do you see the moon?” What language is this? Is it Italian

that we chose?
When I was little-

Come up here and tell everybody, let’s hear it.

When I was little, the sliver of moon,

I used to call “the toenail moon” because
when I cut my

nails it looks like that. So, it looks like
a toenail moon!


You also thought the moon was following you.

Oh, yes.

I’m like, I was like trying to run.
It just kept following-


“la luna?”
“la luna?”

“Vedi la luna?”
“Vedi la luna?”

That’s, “Do you see the moon?”

“Vedi la luna?”
“Vedi la luna?” “Vedi la luna?”

That’s really good.

I think we caught on to that one quick.

Some phrases will come quick, some will take longer, and that

was a fun one in Italian.

So, to practice this phrase, what I would do
is when I point

out the moon, I would say, “Vedi la luna?” and I would point to it with Darian.

If we did it and Nolan didn’t know what we meant, we would

just say that means, “Do you see the moon?” and then we would

use it with him, and then he could see
the moon with us.

All right!

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