Italian Phrase of the Day! Did you wet the bed?


in the language of your choice!

Are you even a parent if you haven’t had to wake up in the middle of the night to change bed sheets? Ha! I hope you don’t have to use this phrase tonight, but if you do… or might! Today’s phrase is, “Did you wet the bed?” I’ve got you covered just in case you need it.

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Hey, it’s Adelaide from TalkBox.Mom, and we’re doing

today’s foreign language
Phrase of the Day.

We’re continuing this week’s theme of embarrassing things.

Today’s phrase is, “Did you wet the bed?”

Now, this is a great phrase to use.

if you have a little one who’s potty training or if maybe

a little older one had an accident.

So, this is a phrase that you can start using if that fits

in what’s happening in your house right now. If you want

to follow along you can DM us for the free Phrase of

the Day calendar for the week, and you can get that in the

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And if you want to follow along in the book, if you have the

$35 phrasebook, you can follow along in the companion app that

comes with the book. Today

we’re going to be doing the phrase in…


To get to the phrase in the app, you’re going to

want to go to “B” and then at the top head on over to “Bed”,

which comes right before bedtime. So, we have the phrase,

“Did you wet the bed?”

So let’s let’s hear that! Now, this is translated by native

speakers. And so, they don’t say, “Did you wet the bed?” they

say, “Did you pee in the bed?”
so they say it like that.

So, that’s how we’re going to say it in Italian like a native speaker would.

“Hai fatto” “Hai fatto”
“la pipì” “la pipì” “a letto?” “a letto?”

“Hai fatto la pipì a letto?”
“Hai fatto la pipì a letto?”

So, you would start using this phrase and don’t worry about it! Just jump in and

start saying it because the more you use it, the more you say it,

the easier it gets. So, that’s how you can do that if you’re

using this phrase or if you want to make a funny video about

it tag us on Instagram @talkboxmom

so we can feature you in our stories.

I’ll see you on Instagram.

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