Italian Phrase of the Day! Did you water the plants?

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Do you have a garden? Which one do you prefer: flower garden or a vegetable garden? We are on the tail end of harvest for a lot of gardens, but I am still looking forward to the pumpkin patch and sunflowers come fall!! This week we’re focusing on phrases you’d use when you’re out in your garden! Or today’s phrase, “Did you water the plants?” can be for those with house plants too!

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Hello, and welcome to today’s

Phrase of the Day.

We’re focusing on gardening phases this

week, and I have…

Nolan! I have Nolan with me,

helping me out.

Nolan, do you see our friends right here?


Hey guys. Hi.

So today’s phrase is,

“did you water the plants?” And how this

works is we encourage you to

replace what you normally say

in English with a phrase in a language

that you’re learning.

In a foreign language that you’re learning.

So, Nolan and I, are going to try it out in

one language, but

you can get the free

Phrase of the Day calendar with the

gardening phrases for the week just by

DMing or comments.

So we’re going to try out,

“did you water the plants?”

If you already have… can you show

our friends the book, Nolan?

If you already have the $35 phrasebook,

then you have access

in the app for that book, and I’ll show you

how to find the phrase.

So, Nolan, grab that random language

generator, and wait

for it to load.

Okay choose a language, Bud.

Whoop, you chose Italian.

Do you speak Italian?

So we’re going to try it out, and if you’re just

getting started,

I hope this encourages you.

So if you already have the book, to get to

this phrase you’re

going to go to “P”

and then you’re gonna go over to the,

to “Plant.”


So here it is.

“Did you water the plants?”

Let’s try it out. Are you ready Nolan?

To hear the phrase?

Okay, so how it works is a native speaker

is going to say the phrase

for us, and she’s going to say it slowly,

and we’re gonna

repeat with her, and then she’s gonna say

the full phrase.

So let’s give it a go.

Alright, here it goes.

Just making it louder.

“Hai” “Hai” “innaffiato” “innaffiato”

“le piante?” “le piante?”

“Hai innaffiato le piante?”

I can cross my eyes.

You can cross your eyes? I’m going to go

back because that second word,

I didn’t hear it all the way.

So I need to go back and hear it

a little bit better.

So let’s try it out.

“Hai” “Hai” “innaffiato” “innaffiato”

Do you hear it? “innaffiato”

“innaffiato” “innaffiato”

Can you try it out, Nolan?

He’s just being silly.

“Hai innaffiato”

And then what?

“le piante?” “le piante?” “le piante?”

“Hai innaffiato le piante?”

“Hai innaffiato le piante?”

Now when you start a phrase

you just want to listen to it.

You can just do the slow part and use it.

And then after you do the slow parts for

a while, you’re

gonna want to start

using the full phrase.

I just saw a comment in our

TalkBox.Mom group

from a woman who her younger child

he was just hearing it word at a time and

now he’s like, “Mom,

I want the whole phrase.”

And he’s able to hear the sounds

better and say them better.

So don’t be worried about starting with one

word at a time,

and then doing the full phrase.

To teach your child this

phrase after they come in from doing their

chore for watering,

you can ask them this. And if you

forget how to say it

of course listen to it in the app. Okay.

Thanks for joining us for today’s

Phrase of the Day.



See you guys later.


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