Italian Phrase of the Day! Did you move the clothes to the dryer?

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At what age did you have your kids help you with the laundry? Darian began helping ever since he could waddle and grab things. He would happily move clothes from the washer to the dryer, and it just felt like my life was made. lol And it’s paid off! Now the boys do all of their own laundry from beginning to end… but I do have to ask, “Did you move the clothes to the dryer?” …just to make sure the clothes don’t accidentally rot.

Start adding the phrase, “Did you move the clothes to the dryer?” the next time this chore happens in your home… which is probably in the next 5 minutes! You can use it to ask yourself if you did it or your husband or kids. But extra points if you turn in horror in bed and say it to your hubby right as you’re both falling asleep.


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Hey, it’s Adelaide with

with today’s foreign language
Phrase of the Day.

Today we’re continuing
our theme of forgetful mom.

And, today’s phrase is,
“Did you move the clothes to the dryer?”

This is something I ask myself a lot.

So, let’s go check out
how to do that phrase.

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So, today we are going to be
doing this phrase in…

do, do, dodoo!
Okay, trying to find it. Italian!

Here we go.

So, to get to this phrase in the app,
you’re going to want

to go to “D” and then
head on over to “Dryer.”

So, let’s head on over there.

Lots of words, lots of words.

This book has over 1,700 phrases.

So, lots of awesome phrases.

So “Dryer.”

“Did you move the clothes to the dryer?”

When you’re starting a foreign language,

the best thing to do is jump in
and start talking,

and give yourself time and space
to get better at saying things.

You’re not going to sound great when you start,

and that’s okay because
you got to start somewhere.

So, here we go for,
“Did you move the close to the dryer?”

“Hai spostato”
“Hai spostato”

“i vestiti”
“i vestiti”


That’s all I heard. Let’s play
it again so we can hear it.

Okay, here we go.

“Hai spostato”
“Hai spostato”

“i vestiti”
“i vestiti”


“Hai spostato i vestiti nell’asciugatrice?”

I let that play on for anybody who’s
saying the whole phrase

in Italian because you’ve
been doing Italian a lot.

I do Spanish and German with my family.

And, so, this is a new sound to me.

So, to get even better at it,

you just got to keep using it.

I would do it slowly with
my kids until I felt a little

more confident with it,
and then I used the full phrase

and it’s just that easy.

You just want to jump in
and start using it.

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I’ll be seeing you in Instagram. Bye!

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