Italian of the Day! Look out the window!

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The struggle is real when it comes to electronics in the car. We have just one store to go to, but Nolan won’t stop asking to play on my phone! Do you feel me on this one? I say, “Look out the window,” just like we all had to when we were kids! Do you play I Spy or Mary, Mary Bumble Bee with your kids while running errands? What tips do you have for me to keep my boys looking out the window and not asking for electronics?


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Hello and welcome to today’s Phrase of the Day! This week

we’ve been working on phrases for running errands, which

kids don’t super, super love. If you want to-
but we have to do!

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Today, we are doing the phrase,
“Look out the window,” because when

you are bored doing errands, or when your kids are, and they’re

whining, it’s a great phrase to use.

It’s also great in other situations.

So, we’re going to do this phrase in one language because

I don’t have Darian with me here today,
I’ll be the one

who is choosing the language with the random language generator.

So let me go ahead and push that, and here
we go. Italian!

Okay, so I really wish Darian was here.

He always brings so much fun energy
and love for things.

And so to get to this phrase, if you already have the $35 phrasebook,

you can follow along in the app with language of your choice

that you’re learning, and I’m going to show you how to get there.

You’re going to go to, “L,”

and then you’re going to head over to, “Look”,

and then you are going to do,
“Look out the window.”

So let’s try this, and this is in Italian.

So I’m going to try it out.

I don’t do-

I’m learning Italian, just starting,

so this will be fun to try.

Here we go.

“Guarda fuori”
“Guarda fuori”

“dalla finestra.”
“dalla finestra.”

“Guarda fuori dalla finestra.”
“Guarda fuori dalla finestra.”

All right, I’m going to try
that one, one more time.

“Guarda fuori”
“Guarda fuori”

“dalla finestra.”
“dalla finestra.”

“Guarda fuori dalla finestra.”
“Guarda fuori dalla finestra.”

So, to teach my children that phrase,

whenever I would say that phrase,
and then I would tell

them what it means, if they don’t know what it means, then I’d say it again.

So whenever they’re like, “Mom, this is so boring,” I would say

“Guarda fuori dalla finestra,” and I would keep practicing using that

and over time,

I’d get even better at hearing how it sounds
and saying it.

If you’re using this phrase with your family,
tag us in the

Instagram stories at @talkboxmom, and hopefully Darian will

come back from being invisible, and he’ll be able to join

me next time, because I really miss him.

All right, bye!

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