Introducing the TalkBox.Mom Language Fluency Companion

As you know, fluency doesn’t go beginning, intermediate, and advanced. Rather, it’s built on layers, and when you don’t have a strong foundation, it makes learning or even speaking a language very difficult.

In your boxes, your family builds a very strong foundation of talking and listening, which is the first layer of fluency. When you complete a box, your family is fluently speaking the phrases you have learned. This means when you or a family member hears or says a phrase, they know exactly what it means. No one is translating it into English to understand it because that’s not fluency.

The TalkBox.Mom Program lays a very strong foundation that then makes improving pronunciation as well as writing, reading, and grammar SO easy! Then the Language Fluency Companion helps your family build on that foundation to improve your pronunciation as well as move easily into writing and reading. Because your family can already use the language and your family knows how the language should sound, you’ll also be able to easily reflect on grammar patterns you’re constantly using already with our grammar activities.

For this reason, if you have NOT completed a box, it would NOT be effective to start the Language Fluency Companion. You have no foundation to make effective progress. You must put in the work to fluently speak first with your box. If you skip ahead, your progress will be slower, and you won’t improve your foundation–rather you’ll be running from the work you need to put in to speak. (Reading, writing, and grammar won’t improve your ability to talk faster than TALKING will improve your ability to talk.)

If your family has finished your first box by learning to easily use your phrases, please start the first Language Fluency Companion. Currently, the first of five layers are available in all eleven languages. As the year progresses, we will be adding the next layers as well as rolling out the Language Fluency Companions for additional boxes.

I’m so excited for your family to go even deeper into the language you’re learning and build more fluency. If you haven’t finished your first box, I hope this gives you even more motivation to use the TalkBox.Mom System to become fluent in the phrases you’re learning!

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