Spanish Phrase of the Day: I am having so much fun with you.


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It’s Saturday!! Let’s have a great day having fun with our family. Make sure to use this phrase too while you are at it!

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Welcome to today’s Phrase of the Day.

I’m Adelaide, the founder of TalkBox.Mom, where you start

talking in a foreign language the first day you start. The

first day you start.

Yeah, with your family, huh?

This is my son Darian, and he’s going to be helping with today’s phrase which is,

“I am having so much fun with you!” That is what we’re doing right now.

Darian, I chose this phrase because this whole week,

I’ve been having so much fun with you, and we’ve all been

home with our kids, and it’s really nice to tell them

this because it might lead to more fun and less, you know,

less criticism of things.

Okay, so you can DM us. Show everybody. You can DM us on this

cool Phrase of the Day calendar.

So, each day, I could get out of bed.

You eat your fruit.

Then you look. Let’s say, um, let’s see what the Phrase of

the Day is, and then you look, and it’s Saturday morning,

and then you say, “Okay!” and then that’s the Phrase of the Day.

Yes, and if you DM us, we will give you the free calendar in the

language of your choice.

But, today we’re going to be doing- you love the word free?

We’re going to be doing the Phrase of the Day in a specific

language, but we’re going to need the random language generator

for this one.

It really wants to go!

Go, go, go,go! Hit it!

Spanish! Awww, yeaaahhhh!

We haven’t done Spanish this week yet. No, we haven’t done Spanish this week.

If you have the $35 phrasebook, then the book will appear

in the companion app. To get to this phrase, you would

go to “F.” And not to “fart” but to “fun.” I was going to

say fun.

You were going to say fun?


Okay, so, “I am having fun.”

“I’m having so much fun with you.”

“I’m having so much fun with you.”

Let’s say it with her. Are you ready?

Okay, ready?

Let’s do our listening.

Okay, pumped! I am pumped too! I am so pumped!

“Me” “Me” “estoy” “estoy” “divirtiendo” “divirtiendo”

“mucho” “mucho” “contigo.” “contigo.”
“Me estoy divirtiendo mucho contigo.”

“Me estoy divirtiendo mucho contigo.”

You know what, Darian, I am going to back it up to

“I’m having fun.”

I’m going to start with that one.


Yeah, because… You’re doing really good, but you got a little

little jumbily there, and usually you don’t.

All right.

Here we go. “Me” “Me”

“estoy” “estoy”
“divirtiendo.” “divirtiendo.”

“Me estoy divirtiendo.”
“Me estoy divirtiendo.”

Are you going to repeat that one?

“Me estoy divirtiendo.”
Sorry, forgot!


“Mucho contigo.”


Okay, wonderful.


I love you, Darian.

All right, so okay, if you were just starting the language,

you can always start with the easier phrase.

“I’m having fun.” Darian speaks a lot of Spanish every single

day. Yes.

But sometimes like when you’re recording, you can get a little nervous,

huh? Just like a little nervous. I thought you did such a

good job, and I’m really proud of you.

I’m proud of how you speak your Spanish!


So when you’re doing a language, you always want to keep

things really positive because most of it

is just confidence.

Yes, because if you just get super mad at it and you’re frustrated,

you’re not gonna learn that well, so you got to be like, “Oops.

I did it. Now just one more time, and I bet I’m gonna do

it right!”

Oh, I love that. High five on that.

Woo! So, to teach this phrase, whenever you’re having fun with

your child or they’re having fun with you,

you can use the phrase and say, “Me estoy

divirtiendo mucho contigo.”

And then if they don’t know what you’re saying, say, “That

means I’m having a lot of fun with you.” And soon you’ll pick up

on that, huh?

And then they… and then you say it again.

And so they understand, and then everybody will know, and then

you learn, and then you’ll be awesome because you know other

languages. Oh! I love that.

Thank you so much, Darian.

Thank you for joining us as our special guest this week on

our Phase of the Day.

If you are using one of the phrases from the week with your

family, please tag us in your story @talkboxmom so

that we can feature you.

All right.

Thanks so much again for joining us.

We’ll see you next Monday.

Bye! Byyyeeee y’all.

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