How to say, “You need to take a nap” in Spanish. Phrase of the Day!


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Here’s a game I know dad will LOVE to play. Start with practicing today’s phrase, “You need to take a nap” together. Now, have dad pretend to get cranky (really, does he need to pretend to be irritated with too much noise in the house? haha) and have the kids tell him that he needs to take a nap in your foreign language you are working on. I bet dad will be more than happy to pretend to fall asleep on the couch. The real game is trying to get the kids to play along for as long as possible! haha!

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Father’s Day is coming up, and this week in our foreign language

Phrase of the Day, we are doing phrases that our dad says. Your

dad says, all the time. And today’s phrase is, “You need to take

a nap.”

I will never take a nap. You’ll never make me. You were just napping, but

when we tell you it, there’s so much anger inside.

So let’s find out how to say that phrase.

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We’re going to do this phrase together in

Spanish. Spanish. Espanol.
If you have the $35 phrasebook,

you can follow along in the language of your choice, and

I’m going to show you how you get there, so we can do the

Spanish one.

So we’re going to head over to “N” and then we’re going to

go into “Nap.” Now, Darian,

how often do you like to take your naps?

I know. Only when it’s bedtime,

I’ll sleep.

…if we’re saying this to the baby, let’s do it.

Are you ready?

Baby. You must take a nap.


Here, let’s start again because you were talking. You weren’t ready. Are you ready?

And… let’s do this.

Here we go.

“Necesitas” “Necesitas” “tomar” “tomar”
“una” “una” “siesta.” “siesta.”

“Necesitas tomar una siesta.”
“Necesitas tomar una siesta.”

Ow. I bite the part where my silver tooth hurts.

Yeah? Oh my gosh. Well, you know what? “Necesitas tomar una siesta.”

Nope. Bye. This is a great phrase to use with any kid.

To teach your children, child or children, this phrase

you would say this phrase, and then you would say it again…

Okay, you would say again in English, and then in Spanish

again, so they can make that association, and then one day you’ll

be able to take that English straight out.

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stories @talkboxmom -Love you.
Aww. I love you. Bye.

We’ll see you in the, the Instagram stories.

Hey, “Necesitas, Necesitas tomar una siesta,” okay? Aww.

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