How to Make the Connection for Fluency

Imagine asking your child, “Do you want a cookie?”.

And your excited child suddenly stops playing Minecraft or races in from outside, responding VERY quickly because they have made the association with what is being said and what it means.

Just like with this interaction in English, when you work towards fluency in another language you don’t want to be translating from the foreign language to English and then to the meaning. You want to be able to hear or read the word in your foreign language and that image should pop in your mind, like your child, who wastes no time at all responding to your question. This is the fluency I want you to have in a foreign language.

A huge part of reaching fluency is through using commands. By practicing and using commands, you and your children can make associations between what is being said and what is happening, which lays the groundwork for fluency.

You want to get to the place of understanding the meaning as it is said in the foreign language.

To practice making connections in your family, in this week’s (almost) FB Live, I encouraged you to choose 3 actions and put them in a sequence. Have your child act out those actions. Then have your child tell YOU to do those things too!

Like, (1) “Jump over the lava”, (2) “Go wash your hands”, and (3)“Get me a fork, please”. Silly, right? Until you practice before a meal, and everyone’s hands are washed and forks are on the table! 😜

But really, don’t worry about looking silly with your children when you do this. You’re never too old to look silly learning a foreign language.

Once you have chosen your sequence with 3 commands, share them in the Sequence Post in the Hotshot Group and let us know how it went when you practiced your sequence!

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