How TalkBox.Mom Fits with Charlotte Mason Education

Last week, I was joined by Leah from @mylittlerobins on IGTV to hear how her family, who uses the Charlotte Mason home education approach, uses TalkBox.Mom. You can watch it here!

We talked about:

  •  how before TalkBox.Mom, Leah would understand a native speaker way after the conversation ended, which failed her husband when he was made fun of in France 
  •  when starting TalkBox.Mom, it helps to make a habit of preparing ahead of time which phrases you want your family to work on. And make sure the visuals are handy!
  • how it helps a ton to do the actions as you learn because actions help you and your children make connections and help your brain memorize better.
  • how giving commands in French is cool because your kids are REALLY listening. It gets their attention, they’re really trying to understand, and it doesn’t feel like nagging.
  • why it’s important to use the language all the time instead of making learning a segregated lesson. 

Whether you’ve heard of Charlotte Mason or not, I think you’re going to love this interview with Leah!

Interested in getting to know Charlotte Mason a little more?

Charlotte Mason believed children should be instilled with a lifelong love of learning by allowing them to learn topics that are relevant to their real lives. She also believed education should be an atmosphere, a discipline, a life. Talkbox.Mom’s approach to learning a language makes it easy to incorporate into the natural atmosphere in your home and life.

There’s no drilling flashcards, workbook pages to complete, or hours to spend in front of a screen.  Talkbox.Mom makes it easy for your family to incorporate language learning into your everyday life by providing you with phrases that your family says all the time. 

Miss Mason also believed parents were uniquely qualified in terms of their ability to educate their own child. She felt that they, naturally, were their child’s best teacher. TalkBox.Mom agrees. You taught your child English, so why can’t you teach your child a foreign language?

Talkbox.Mom allows you to easily include foreign language into your educational feast. Just a few minutes a day and your family will be on their way.

To hear more how TalkBox.Mom compares to Charlotte Mason’s approach, you can watch two moms compare it here.



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