Hebrew Phrase of the Day! The baby spit up.

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“What do you do?” Such a vague question, isn’t it?! The quick response is, “I keep little humans alive!” Hahah! A longer response would include all sorts of things, but let’s face it, keeping little humans alive is the greatest task there is. Also, it would be nice if these little humans could stay clean for a hot second too, right?! Today’s phrase, “The baby spit up,” might not be the most exciting, but it is something that gets said all. the.time. Thankfully those little humans are so cute and precious, they make up for all that spitting up!


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Hey, it’s Adelaide from TalkBox.Mom
where you start

talking in a foreign language with your
family from day one,

and we are continuing on with our
theme for the week, which

are baby phrases!

So, phrases you can say with your baby.

Now, I’m really loving this week
because it really shows that

you’re teaching your baby
one language just by using it as

life happens, and you can teach
your baby another language

the same exact way.

So, this is super fun! If you have a
baby, or you have a good friend who

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It’s super, super fun.

Today, I’m going to be doing the phrase
“The baby spit up” which is

so typical baby, and I’m going to be
doing it in one language,

but I’m going to show you how
to follow along if you already

have the $35 phrase book. I’m going to show
you how to follow along

in the app, and then I’m going to do the
phrase in Hebrew, which

I don’t speak Hebrew,

so I think this is going to
be really fun to try it out.

Okay, so to get to the phrase in the app,
you’re going to

go over to your book and then you’re going to go down to,

“S” and then you’re going to head over to
“Spit up” because if

you look at the book,
it has, like, different titles at the

top and so you’re heading over to that, that
“S” section and

then you’re going into
the bolded word which again is “Spit up.”

Ok, so, here we go “Spit up.”

And, here it is “The baby spit up.”
Now, for Hebrew,

it’s different for baby boy, right here;

than it is for baby girl.

So, I’m going to start with baby boy,
and then we will go and

do baby girl because I have lots of baby boys.

It’s all I was given.

Okay, so let’s try this out.

התינוק גיהק.
“hatinok” “hatinok” “gihek” “gihek”

“hatinok gihek” “hatinok gihek”

I would be like “hatinok gihek.”

And it’s good for, like,
learning a phrase to say it really

emotionally and make that connection
because then you’ll

remember it even more.

So, that was my first go on that.
Now, let’s try it for baby

girl. So, if you have a baby girl in your life,
you can do this one.

Here we go.

“hatinoket” “hatinoket” “giheka” “giheka”

“hatinoket giheka”
“hatinoket” Oh!

I’m going to do that one again.

“hatinoket” “hatinoket” “hatinoket”

I feel like it’s like that.
When you’re starting a language,

it takes you a couple weeks
to a couple of months to hear

all the sounds being said,
so I know that, like, weeks from

now I’m going to be like,
“Oh my gosh, I can say that so much

better!” So, don’t worry about how you sound when you start.

“hatinoket” “hatinoket” “giheka” “giheka”
“hatinoket giheka” “hatinoket giheka”

Okay, but I would say it like,

“hatinoket” no…

“hatinoket giheka”
I don’t love baby spit up.

The grossest spit-up ever was when my first son, because like

I’m not used to that, he spit up
curded milk all over my

arm, like, just a thick layer of it,
and it was hot, and I just

remember looking at it and being like,
“So, this is my life.”

How quickly things change,
but oh how I do love all my babies,

spit up and all.

All right, so if you’re using this phrase with your family, we’d love

to see using it in your Instagram stories.

Be sure to tag us @talkboxmom
so that we can celebrate with you.

All right, I’ll see you in Instagram stories. Bye!

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