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Are you on the struggle bus with learning a foreign language? Then this is the week is for you! Let’s learn some super short but very helpful phrases to help kick start your foreign language conversations! Have your child use the phrase, “Please,” in a foreign language the next time they ask for something. Simple enough, right?!

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Today’s phrase is,


Darian and I are going to be trying this out

in a foreign language,

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It’s perfect! Okay, so Darian and I are going to try out

this phrase, if you already have the $35 phrasebook

in the language of your choice, we’ll show you where to find

that in the app. See?

So let’s do it now.

Darian, grab that random language generator.

Let’s find out what language you and I are going to try

this out in.

Whoa! Something didn’t happen, do it again.

Must have got jammed.

Okay, you got Hebrew.


Hebrew. Like they speak in Israel.

Okay. So let’s go down to “P,” so if you have the book,

in any language— For pie!

Go to “P” for “Pie,”

and then we’re going to go over to the phrase “Please.”

“Pumpkin pie!”

“Pumpkin pie?” What’s your favorite pie?

“Apple pie.”

“Apple pie?” That’s a good one.

Okay. Here is “Please” in Hebrew, which I know this one.

I’m all excited. Okay.

“bevakasha” “bevakasha” “bevakasha”

“bevakasha” “bevakasha” “bevakasha”

And look how it’s written. You see that?

It’s really cool.

Is it cool? “bevakasha”

Yeah. “bevakasha”

“bevakasha” “bevakasha”

“bevakasha” “bevakasha”

Yeah, that’s really nice.

So to teach my child this phrase,

what I could do really easy

if they go, “Mom, can we go to the park?”

I could say, “Say, ‘bevakasha.’”

And they’re like, “Huh?”

And I’m like, “That means please.”

And you’re like, “bevakasha!”

Yeah, you would totally say it.

And then you can start adding this really easy phrase

to your day and be using more and more

of your foreign language at home.

And then you’d be like the best at it.

Best at it!

So good.

Or just having the most fun at it too.

So if you’re using this phrase

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