Hebrew Phrase of the Day! May we pet your dog?

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It’s hard to resist petting a dog who is happily bouncing along at the park! For as much as we enjoy loving on animals, it’s important to teach animal safety. Practice, “May we pet your dog?” at home, then the next time you’re on a family vacation and come across a cute dog, you can ask to pet it!

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Hello, and welcome to the foreign
language Phrase of the Day.

We’re going to whisper.

Why are we whispering?

Because there’s a secret agent.

Oh, there’s a secret agent?

I don’t know if they can hear you.

Today’s foreign language phrase, this week

we’re doing pet phrases, and today’s
phrase is, “May we pet your dog?”

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We’re going to do this phrase in one-
But enough with that. Now-

we’re gonna do this phrase in one language.
And there’s a book you can, you can follow.

You can follow along in the app.

Okay, we’re just going to go, we’re

just going for this. Darian,

“May we pet your dog?”

What did you hit? Did you push it?
Push it harder!

There it goes. Hebrew!


I’m sorry

I pushed you so many times.
Yeah, don’t, don’t be so mean to Mr. Random.

Oh no! Ah! He’s not forgiving me!

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So I’m going to go over to
get to this, I’m going to

go to “P” Not, “go to pee,”
like go to the letter “P” Darian.

Are you going to come back to do this?

I don’t know.

Come on back!

No! He’s getting, no!

Okay, and I’m going over to, “Pet.”

Here we go.

“May we pet your dog?”

Do you want to say this to a man or a woman?

To a man or a woman?
Who’s holding the dog; a man or a woman?

Who do you want it to be?
In Hebrew you usually talk

differently to a male versus a female.

So we got to choose which one.

How about, how about it’s a really
buff guy, and he has a teeny

tiny dog?

It’s like, it’s like a little chihuahua.
Little chihuahua!

He’s like huge muscles.

And he’s like, “Huhuh!”

And every time, and every time we step there’s
a crack in the ground.

Yeah, and now we’re going to ask him:

“May we pet your dog?”

Are you ready?

Okay, and I’ll do his voice.

“Efshar” “Efshar”

“lelatef” “lelatef”

“et” “et”

“hakelev” “hakelev”

“shelh’a” “shelh’a”

“Efshar leatef et hakelev shelh’a?”

“Efshar leatef et hakelev… Oh, that was kind of weird. …shelh’a?”

Let’s try that one more time.
And then I’ll say,

and then I’ll say, “Yes” in his voice.

Okay, he’s going to say it in Hebrew.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

So, how do you say “yes,” in Hebrew?

Oh my gosh, I think it’s, “lo” and, “ken” or, “kole.”

Okay, we have to look. Hold on.
I’m doing my serious thinking face.


Let’s do this one more time though.


“lelatef” “lelatef”

“et” “et”

“hakelev” “hakelev”

“shelh’a” “shelh’a”

“Efshar leatef et hakelev shelh’a?”
“Efshar leatef et hakelev shelh’a?”

That was a really good first try!
That was really good!

“Efshar leatef et hakelev shelh’a?”

That was my best first try.

Okay. To say, “Yes” in Hebrew…

I think it’s, “ken” and, “lo” or something like that.

Let’s see if I’m right. “Ken!” Oh I was right!

This is how to say, “Yes”.





Okay, so how would he say it in his voice?


Oh, I really like that! And then
let’s pet the chihuahua.

All right guys, if you are using
this phrase, we would love

to see you, and I was pretending you’re the dog.

I would love-

Oh no! He got me again!
The language generator, no!

Okay, bye!

If you are using this phrase, we’d love to see you in our Instagram stories,

tag us @talkboxmom

All right, bye!

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