Hebrew Phrase of the Day: Let’s play a game!

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Welcome to today’s phrase of the day.

I’m here with Darian, and today’s phrase…

This is my son, and I love him.

He’s so funny.

So today’s phrase is, “Let’s play a game.”
Because every day

everybody asks us, “Let’s play a game,” like… So many times.

Forever. So much.

So to teach your child this phrase in a foreign language,

All you have to do is replace what you normally say in English

with the language, but if they don’t know what you’re saying,

we’re going to teach you

how you can help them make that connection.

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It’ll be so good.


So let’s do today’s phrase of the day. If you have the $35

phrasebook, you can follow along in your language with the

audio. And today Darian, get the random language generator.

And here he is. The random language generator.

Ok! And go!!

Oh, you chose Hebrew. Yeah!!

I don’t even know what is Hebrew actually.
You don’t know what’s Hebrew?

They speak Hebrew in Israel.
This is modern day Hebrew. Hebrew, Hebrew…

So to get to the phrase, if you’re following along in the companion app, which you

get when you get your book. You go to G for G…

and then go to Games. Now in Hebrew. G stands for G…

You’ll notice, there are three phrases for, “Let’s play

a game.” here.

We have to a male.

So when you’re talking to a male, you say the phrase differently.


It’s like different like a boy and to a girl.

Yeah. To a male. To a female. It’s kind of like Spanish, but you say it more often.

Yeah, totally.


So let’s do the, “to a male one,” together.

Are you ready?

Oh, you know what?

“bo” “bo”

“nesah’ek” “nesah’ek” “bemish’ak” “bemish’ak”

“bo nesah’ek bemish’ak” “bo nesah… ehh ehh ehh ehh” ok

When you’re starting, it takes a couple of weeks to a couple months to hear all the sounds being said.

Yeah! It’s really hard! But…

When you’re starting, you can still do all the words one by one.

So let’s back this up, and do that together.
You ready, Darian?

We can do this!

Everybody can do it! If we can…

You can. That’s true. Everybody can.

Everybody can. Every friend can.
Just open your mouths and talk.

Talk in a foreign language. Just like babies.

They just learn how to talk.

That’s so good.

Here we go, Darian.

“boi” “boi”


“nesah’ek” “bemish’ak”

“boi nesah’ek bemish’ak”

So a big part of language is being super confident,

so that you keep going, and you keep saying the things, so

if I were to be like, “Darian it, sounds more like this.”

Would you want to do it with me? No.

I don’t let… You sound mean.

So do not sound like a meanie beanie.
Just stay confident. Because over

time, you’ll be able to say it better and better.

So if we were using this phrase which like, somehow Darian

I look super red now and you don’t and it was different.

It’s funny. Because look I did this.
What’d you do?


Don’t do that. That looks…

Oh my gosh. Your face got really red.

Okay, so to teach your child. “Let’s play a game.”

I would say, if you want to play a game with your kids, you’d

say, “Let’s play a game,” in the foreign language.

Now, I would say it one word at a time.

So I’m going to say it to you, Darian.



I’m going to be like, I don’t know.


Did I do it?


No, I didn’t do this right.

Oh my gosh.

What have I done?

Oh, no! Here we go. “bo”


“nesah’ek” “nesah’ek”



Okay, I’m going to say it to you.

“bo nesah’ek bemish’ak” That was my best!

That was. And then you…
And then I would say, “That

means, ‘Let’s play a game,” in Hebrew.

Let’s say it together. We’d say it together, and then we would

play a game.
And we would keep doing that until it became really

like much easier fo us.
Like yeah, like if you keep saying it,

then you’ll get super good.

Yeah, like when you started Spanish it was harder, right?

and now it’s easier.
Yeah, it was really hard and then it got like

like a little easier. A little easier.
And by hard,

I mean, like we just couldn’t hear it all.

Right? Yeah.

It’s like, what? wha???

Yeah, and now you’re like, sí, dime más. Dime más.

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All right.

We’ll see you tomorrow for tomorrow’s phrase of the day!

Phrase of the Day!!!! Yeah!

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