Hebrew Phrase of the Day! Let’s eat a snack.

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Well, I feel like I don’t even need to give an explanation as to why this phrase is prefect for a day of swimming. It’s usually about 4 minutes after being in the water when the boys begin asking for snacks! There’s just something about the water that makes kids so hungry! Because of this my favorite place to go swimming is on the west coast of Mexico a bit above the boarder of Guatamala. My favorite beach so far is there. It has an incredible reef 20 feet from the shore, and the restaurants are right on the sand. They will hook you up with reclining beach chairs and umbrellas with little tables for your food. Nolan will just lie in the shade, ordering virgin piña coladas (piñadas), chips and guacamole, and French fries while we swim in the crystal clear water. 😂 It’s the best. I think your kids will be quick to use today’s phrase, “Let’s eat a snack,” when they’re playing outside in the water!

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Hello, and this is TalkBox.Mom.

We’re doing Phrase of the Day.

This is my mom and this is me.

She’s name is, Adelaide,
and my name is, Darian, not me.

I love it.

And today we are working on swimming phrases.

And, so, or phrases you use when you go out swimming, and, so

we have a free Phrase of the Day calendar that you can DM

or comment for. And today’s phrase is a great one.

If you’re, you know, when you go out to go swimming, it’s

kind of like an event. Like you’ll pack up, go to the beach,

or go out to the pool, or go to the lake, and when you’re swimming

you kind of get hungry. Right, Darian?
I get hungry.


And so you constantly say, “let’s eat a snack,

let’s eat a snack,” when we’re out, when we’re out going having fun.

So that’s today’s phrase.

And what’s gonna happen, is, Darian and I are going to try it

out in one language, and you guys can try it out with us.

We would love that. You can do it in the app or the $35 book.

If you have the book you can follow along in app, and I’ll show you how to get there.

So first, Darian, is going to choose the language.

All right, Darian, go for it.

All right, you chose Hebrew.

So let’s do it in Hebrew.

Now, if you already have the TalkBox.Mom book then I’ll

show you how to find it in the app
because whatever language

you buy shows up in the app for the book.

So let’s go over to it.

So you’re going to want to go down to “S” to find it.

“S” We’ve been doing a lot of “S”s.

We have been doing a lot of “S”s, but a lot of things start

with “S”
And then you’re going to go over to “Snack.”

Like “Snake.”

Yeah, that’s a good one.

Okay, like, “let’s eat a snake for our snack?”

Is that a good one?


Oh, okay. No snake snakes. Snake snacks.


So in Hebrew, you can say this phrase differently to a male

versus a female.

So let’s say you’re saying it to Nolan,
and you can try that out. This?

How do you say it to Nolan?
Or we can do it to two plus.

Let’s do it like we’re doing it to more than two people in our family.

Let’s do that.


“bou” “bou” “noh’al” “noh’al” “h’atif” “h’atif”

“bou noh’al h’atif”
“bou noh’al h’atif”

I need to hear that slower one more time.

Okay, Mommy.
“bou” “bou” “noh’al” “noh’al” “h’atif” “h’atif”

“bou noh’al h’atif”
“bou noh’al h’atif”


That was a good first try. That was really good.

Yeah. Okay.

So of course you would get better at this as time

goes on.

That was our first try of it.

And, so I hope your first try was also really fun.

So to teach this phrase to your family,

how would you do that, Darian?

You’d be at the pool, and you would say…
The beach or the pool?

Either one.

Yay. You’re at the beach, you’re at the lake, and you’re like,

“let’s have a snack.” And I’m like, “we know that in Hebrew,

let’s say it in Hebrew.”
And then you’ll pull up the app,

and listen to it, and then we get so good.

Yes, and then you could use this not even just at the pool,

you could, or the beach you could use it anytime throughout

the day, right? Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah.

Okay, Darian, I have to tell you something funny. Two nights ago

I had a dream and it was, like, one of the
Phrase of the Days

in Hebrew that we did.

Yes. And I kept hearing it in my dream.
Is that funny?

Like somebody was using it.

I don’t know. It was super funny.


Well, thanks for joining us for today’s
Phrase of the Day.

We’ll catch you for our last Phrase of the Day focused on

swimming and going out swimming, tomorrow.


Bye! Bye.


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