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If you missed yesterday’s phrase, make sure to check it out when you request the Phrase of the Day Calendar. It starts off asking what the weather is like and today’s answer will help build a conversation around weather! I hope for your sake that you can say, “It’s sunny,” today. We all need some fun time outside in the fresh air!

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So, yesterday we left our
Phrase of the Day video with the

phrase, “What’s the weather today?”
“What’s the weather” and so-

And now we are going to answer it with,
“It’s sunny.”

Wait, wait, wait. We we
got to be just like the movies.

So you gotta, you gotta ask me again.

What do you mean?
Like, go ask me.

Previously on Phrase of the Day we did,

“What’s the weather today?”
Now, we’re going to be going on

to, “It’s sunny.”


I’m flipping the eggs.
“Wie ist das Wetter heute?”

That’s what we learned yesterday, right? It is…
What? …sunny!

That’s the phrase today!

So, if you want to follow along with the
Phrase of the Day

calendar, you can choose
the language you want.

DM us, comment for free below. And-
The book,

follow around. Now back to the movie!

Okay, Darian, I need you to grab the random…
It’s time for the movie!

Get the random language generator.

We need it right now!
Shhhh! Now you’ve woken him up!

Now choose our language!
I pushed it!

Darian, push the button!

Oh, you pushed it.

It says Hebrew.

Okay, we’re going to do, “It’s sunny.”

If you have the $35 phrasebook,
you can follow along in the

language that you have.

I’m going to show you how to get there.

And there’s an adorable kitty. Adorable kitty.

And look at the back.

We forgot to show you the back.

There’s a radio with some flags, and a price tag, and a toy bird.

I love toy birds.

Okay. I’m gonna go to “W”

Okay, we’re gonna go to “W”
“W” for back to previously, Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman and we’re going to go to, “Weather,” and then we’re going

to, “It’s sunny.”

“It’s sunny.” Okay, are you ready?

This is in Hebrew.


Now I have to say it. Flipping the eggs.

“yesh” “yesh”

That’s it?
“shemesh” “shemesh”

“yesh shemesh” “yesh shemesh”

I think it’s funny because it’s like a lot
of “shhh” sounds, right?

“yesh shemesh”

I think, I think they-
“yesh” “yesh”

“shemesh” “shemesh”
“yesh shemesh” “yesh shemesh”

Say it five times in a row.

“yesh shemesh”

It’s like a tongue twister.
I think,

I think, I think, the whole area was actually used to be controlled by snakes.

So they changed the language,
but everybody forgot because

Dr. Who erased all their memories with the help of Mattman and Men In Black.

You know why I think it’s, “yesh shemesh?”

Because when they woke
up they were so happy,

they were like, “yesh shemesh!”

No, I think the snakes with Dr. Who.
Oh my gosh!

So, sometimes Darian likes to make
stories to help him

to remember how to say things because
it makes it really

fun for him.

So, this one, that’s what helps him
to remember. And for me,

I can remember like,

“yesh shemesh” will help me remember,
“It’s sunny.”

We would love to see a video of you
guys using this phrase

in the language that you’re learning.
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See ya! Bye!
I’m melting!

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