Hebrew Phrase of the Day! I am finished.

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My boys love Saturday mornings! They love watching cartoons, but they have to get their chores done first. Most Saturdays, they wake up extra early, get dressed, water the plants, get their load of laundry started, and empty the dishwasher before I even roll out of bed, so they can have the max amount of time watching cartoons. They each whisper to my sleeping body, “I’m finished,” which I kind of hear, and then they run to turn on the TV. Have your kids use the phrase, “I am finished,” the next time they finish up their chores too! Tell me… what chores do your kids do and what are their ages?

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“I am finished.”


That’s today’s Phrase of the Day!

Which can also be a really good thing

when you finish your math, what do you like to say?

“I am finished” and I’m gonna do a little dance.

Yes! And when I’m done with any dishes,

or cleaning, I’m like, “I am finished.”

When you’re done with the dishwasher,

what do you say?

“I am finished,” now do a little dance.

Yes! So, this is a great phrase

to start adding into your life

because you use it so many places.

So… So many!

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we’re gonna try this out in one language and I’ll show you

where to find it in the app. Okay.

Are you ready Darian?

Choose a language.

Choose one we haven’t done in awhile.

Hello, I’m mister button and I’m gonna push…

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

You got… Hebrew!

Okay. To find this in the app,

you wanna go over to “F”

And then.. F for… “Friend?”

Oh, and then we go over to “Finish,”

which we had yesterday with Nolan.

I did, “Are you finished?”

so this kind of answers that.

“I am finished.” So here we go.

“I am finished.” Here we go.



Listen. Listen to her say it again.


“Siyamti.” Can you hear it?

Try it one more time. Go.

“Siyamti.” “Siyamti.”


Can you see it here? Okay.


“Siyamti.” “Siyamti.”

Let’s hear it again, here we go.



You hear it?


One more time.



Well, that one was, I think that was our best one.

That last one. That was really good.

When you just start a language,

you’re getting used to all the sounds,

so Darian and I were listening more for the Hebrew.

It’s remember.. It’s remember?

It’s a member of the TalkBox.Mom club!

It’s good to remember that it does take you time

to hear the sounds and so you should

never be hard on yourself.

And if you feel a little off that’s okay, too.

Darian had a “bueño” incident.

“Bueno.” “Bueno.”

Yeah, see? “Bueno, bueno.”

And sometimes it just kind of gets off sometimes.

See? That’s fine. Yeah. “Bueno.”

Hey! Well, thanks for joining us! To teach your child

this phrase, I almost forgot to say,

just whenever you’re finished, “I’m finished,”

just use this phrase as much as possible,

and they’ll start making the connection between

what it means and what you’re saying.

You can always say the phrase in Hebrew

and then English and Hebrew again,

to reinforce what it means.

And yeah, just have this phrase become

a part of your life to use even

more Hebrew in your home.

All right. We’ll see you next week, bye!


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