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Are you a sticker chart person? I personally love stickers EVERYWHERE. As long as they are super cute! What do you do to motivate your kids at the beginning of the school year?

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Hello! And welcome to our last Phrase of the Day for this

week, which our theme is: Back-to-School!
And we have a whole

Phrase the Day calendar, if you haven’t

gotten it yet that has back-to-school phrases

that you can start using. It’s free! DM us or comment for it in

the language of your choice.

Darian and I are going to try this out in one language.

If you already have the $35 phrasebook, then we’ll show

you in the app how to find that as we try out this phrase.

Okay. Darian, grab that random language generator

and let’s try out the phrase.

Here’s – wait I’ll tell you our phrase, are you ready?

It’s, “Here’s a sticker,” because you get like a sticker and it

makes school fun!

And if you haven’t gotten fun stickers yet for school,

you should! Because it just makes it more fun.

Okay, so go for it, Darian.
All right you got Hebrew, so

let’s try this out.

So, to get to this phrase

you’re gonna go down to “S” for, “Sticker”.

Darian, what’s your favorite sticker?

My favorite sticker…
Like what’s your favorite theme?

Like do you like Batman stickers?

Do you like SpongeBob stickers?

Do you like space stickers?

Do you like… We Bare Bears. We Bare Bears stickers?

Okay, that’s fun.

So here we go for, “Here’s a sticker,” in Hebrew.

“Hine” “Hine” “madbeka” “madbeka”

“Hine madbeka.”
“Hine madbeka.”

I like that one in Hebrew!

That’s one I can do.

“Hine madbeka.”

Okay, so to teach your child this phrase – whenever you hand them

a sticker, you can say, “Hine madbeka” so that they learn it.

Let’s hear her say it again

so she can help us out. Because when you start

you can’t hear all the sounds, so it’s good to hear it again

and again. Yes, yes.

“Hine” “Hine” “madbeka” “madbeka”

“Hine madbeka.” “Hine madbeka.”

I love it!

That’s such a fun one. As you use this phrase it’ll become a regular phrase

in your home and you’ll be using the language, if it’s Hebrew

for example, regularly – and that’s what we want.

We want your family actually using a language.

If you haven’t gotten started yet with our program DM us

so you can hear more.
Jenn is our DM rep and

she is so happy to answer any questions you have.

So if you’re standing on the fence for this school year and

you’re not really sure what program you want to use, DM us.

Make sure it’s right for you, because if it’s not right for you,

we’ll tell you! But if you want to be with a group of moms

and dads that are all moving forward reaching their

goals, and you definitely want to be part of TalkBox.Mom

to move forward in your language goals. Because we have

a whole accountability group about that.

And so if you’re ready to go back to school and you really

want to use a foreign language this year, then you should

be using TalkBox.Mom

and you’ll have a really good time using a

foreign language with your family.

Okay everybody,

have a wonderful weekend.

We’ll see you next Monday.


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