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Today’s phrases is something we say more often than we realize. In a traditional foreign language curriculum, this is not a phrase that would be top priority on the grammar list, and yet, as Moms, we say this all the time. How often have you spent minutes just sitting in the parking lot at Target just waiting for your kid to buckle their seat belt? For me, that’s just enough time to sneak another bite of the chocolate I snagged in the checkout line while the kids were busy asking for the little toys at the end of the aisle. I hope this phrase, “Is everyone buckled?” will come in handy on your next Target run!

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Hello and welcome to today’s
Phrase of the Day!

I’ve got one question for you: is everyone buckled? Because today

in our foreign language Phrase the Day we’re going to be

doing that phrase together with my co-host:

Darian. And Darian, can you grab our Phrase of the Day calendar?

We’ve got this free calendar that you can DM or comment to us to get.

There we go, and you can just do that and we’ll

send it over to you in the language
of your choice.

Darian’s going to use that random language generator to do it in one

And if you have the book or the app, you can

listen to it.

Yes, and I’ll show you how to get there.
Or if you don’t want to do that,

You can just do it with us.

All right.
Here we go!

Here we go, which language will he choose?

Which language?

Did you just eat it?

You chose Hebrew.

It tastes like M&Ms.

All right, so if you already have the book-

I don’t like it.

If you already have the book, you want to go ahead over to

“S” for: Superman, Superman, super milk,
super everything!

And then go over to, “Seat belt.”
“Seat belt.”

And then we’re going to, “Is everyone buckled?” Do I always have

to say this even though you should know that you should be buckled?

That’s like the baby.

Yeah, here we go.

He’s like, “I’m not buckled!”
I buckle the baby!

Gosh, you sound like he’s on his own.

Okay, you ready to try it? High five, let’s do this.

Here we go.

Ready to listen?




“haim kulam h’agurim”
“haim kulam h’agurim”

That was pretty good.

Did you feel like you’re a little mumbly or did you feel like you got it?

One more time.
Little mumbly? Okay, let’s try it one more time.


I remember that from doing some of the Hebrew, they go “haim.”

I think it’s pretty. Let’s try it.




“haim kulam h’agurim”
“haim kulam h’agurim”

I messed it up.

I got a little-


“haim kulam h’agurim”
I think it’s like that.

“hug-arim” “hug-arim!”
Like the seat belt’s hugging you.

You can remember it like that.

Yeah, you can remember it like that.
The seat belts are like, “huggy!”

I love you, seat belt, for keeping me safe.

Okay, let’s try it. Last time.

Let’s see how well we can do this.

It’s our first time trying this phrase,

so here we go.

That was a good try, Adelaide.




“haim kulam h’agurim”
“haim kulam h’agurim”

That was closer, we’re getting a little closer every time.

Oh no, I’m getting sucked into the app void!

The cool thing about this phrase is that
you use it

so often that you will get-
the void can’t take you!

-you get to ask, “Is everyone buckled?” so you don’t lose them in the void.

Get buckled on your spaceship,
Darian, come on.

So, you can use this phrase before you-
You’re shaking the thing a lot.

You can use this phrase every day and get better and better at it every day.

And your kids can get better and better at understanding it.

All right, if you’re using this phrase, please tag us in our Instagram

stories because we need to go fly
into the void now.

Oh, you’re back!

I’ve got to go save him!

All right, bye guys!

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