German Phrase of the Day: Your zipper is down.


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What’s your most embarrassing moment as a kid? Please share it below! Mine was taking off my overall strap and accidentally throwing it behind me into the toilet at my elementary school. Like, where do I go from there? I wrapped the wet part in toilet paper and then cut it off secretly🙈 What were my other options?

But I’ve had a lot of moments where my friends saved me from myself. Letting me know things like your fly is down or you have a booger. Yeah, thanks, girl! This week’s Phrase of the Day line up is all about softening those embarrassing events for your kids by asking questions or saying things in a foreign language.
Today’s phrase is, “Your zipper is down”. How many times have you let one of your kids know they needed to zip up their pants?! Now you can do it discreetly, and they might help you out one day when you need it.

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Hey! This week in our foreign language Phrase of the Day, every day

we’re going to be focusing on phrases of embarrassing things

that you would rather stay with your family in a foreign

language. Like, today’s phrase is,

“Your fly is down,” which would be a great phrase to use in a

foreign language.

So if you want our free Phrase the Day calendar for the week,

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Now, if you already have the $35 phrasebook for families,

you can follow along in the companion app that comes with the book.

So I’m going to show you how to get there, and then we’re

going to practice this phrase in German.

So it’s going to be super fun.

So to get to it you’re going to want to go to your book and

click on it and go down to the chapter “Z” and go into “Zipper”.

And then you’ll see I’ve already hearted the phrase there.

And so let’s hear the native speaker

say it, so we can say it like her.

“Dein” “Dein” “Hosenstall” “Hosenstall” “ist” “ist” “offen” “offen”

“Dein Hosenstall ist offen.”
“Dein Hosenstall ist offen.”

This is a fun one.

I really like it in German.

So to start using this phrase you would just start using

it in German with your family, which is super funny.

And I think you’ll have a lot of fun using this phrase and

even coming up with silly scenes or whatever to use it.

If you are using this phrase, be sure to make a video with

your family and tag us on Instagram @talkboxmom because

we would love to feature you having fun with your family.

All right. I’ll see you guys on Instagram! Bye!

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