German Phrase of the Day! You need to get dressed.

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Are you guys getting back into school mode yet? We usually start school in August, but I don’t actually tell them that school ended. They don’t really know that’s a thing, so we keep working through summer but at a lighter pace. But! I’m totally ready for our new focus as we officially start the school year this month!

So to get in the school spirit, this week’s Phrase of the Day is focusing on Back to School phrases! Here’s the real question: for the homeschooling families do you make your kids get dressed for school?! We encouraged it in the video, but no judgment here.

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Hello and welcome to
today’s Phrase of the Day!

It’s Monday and we have
a new theme for the week.

I’ve got Nolan here to help me out.

This week’s theme is Back to School
because we’re all going

back to school, whether that’s virtually

homeschool or at school. We’re excited for you!

But, the best way to start off your day is to get

dressed! I know it’s tempting to stay in pjs

if you’re home, but

we always feel better when we get dressed.

So our first phrase of the day for this week is,

“You need to get dressed.”

Yes and we’re gonna try that phrase out-

There’s a button!

in a foreign language.

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Okay, we’re going to try this out in one language.

And Nolan’s going to give it a go.

Go for it Nolan.


We got German. Awesome!

Okay have a seat so we can see you nice.

Okay, to get to this phrase in the app

you’re going to want to go to “D”

for, “Dress” like, “Get dressed.”

So let’s go over to “D”.

And then we’re going to go on over to, “Dress”.

Going there now. Clicking it.

Okay, here we are.

“You need to get dressed.”

So, we’re about to hear how that sounds.

And you know what Nolan, we have

native speakers that do the audio in the app

and they tell us how everything should sound and

I just wanted to make sure that it’s nice and loud.

Now it is. Here we go.

“Du” “Du” “musst” “musst” “dich” “dich”

“jetzt” “jetzt” “anziehen.” “anziehen.”

“Du musst dich jetzt anziehen.”
“Du musst dich jetzt anziehen.”

And that’s, “You need to get dressed”.

Sorry! I didn’t pause it.

And that’s, “You need to get dressed,” in German.

So let’s, to learn this phrase,

it’s, I mean you have an opportunity in the

morning to use it right away.

So don’t fall into the trap that you need to know it

before you can use it.

You can just use the app.

If you have, already have the $35 phrasebook.

It comes with the companion app for the book

you got. You going to show everybody that book?

Okay, so I would just go to Nolan, and Nolan,

let’s pretend you’re in
your pajamas and you’re tired.

Can you be tired for me?

And then I’ll say,
“Du musst dich jetzt anziehen.”

And if he doesn’t know what that means,
which he does, but

if he didn’t know what that meant, I would say, “That means you need to get dressed,”

“Du musst dich jetzt anziehen.”
And it’s a great opportunity

that if you’re still in your pajamas,
you can ask your child

to say it to you.

So Nolan, you can say to me.
You can say, “Du musst”

“Du musst” “dich” “dich” “jetzt”

“jetzt” “anziehen” “anziehen”
“Du musst es anziehen.”

“Du musst dich jetzt anziehen.”

Okay, perfect!

Nolan gets a little a little fun on camera,
but that’s how

you get started with that phrase
and then you can be using

the language together.


Thank you so much for joining us for today’s

Phrase of the Day.
We look forward to doing all the

other back-to-school phrases with you this week.


See ya.


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