German Phrase of the Day! You need to clean your room.

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As the kids get older, I find myself answering the yes/no questions my boys are asking me with, “You need to clean your room.” Like, if they ask if they can play video games. It’s not, “yes,” or, “no.” It’s, “You need to clean your room.” hahah! Once that task is done, then things are a little more right in my world. Have you noticed any phrases similar to that, that you say all the time instead of yes or no?


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Hello and welcome to today’s
Phrase of the Day!

This is my mom, Adelaide from TalkBox.Mom and I’m Darian

from TalkBox.Mom. And these balloons are gonna go crazy!

And this week we are doing teen phrases!

Thank you for that balloon fun Darian.

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And we’re focusing on teen phrases, but you can use this with anybody

but, like, lots o’ teens and this one is,
“You need to clean your room.”

Oh, yes, lots of people use that too.
Yeah, lots of people use that?

Like, my dad is like, “Darian, your room is too messy. Clean it!”

That sounds just like him.

Okay, here we do it.

So now Darian’s going to grab the random language generator,

and he’s going to choose a language that we can do this phrase in.

All right, Darian.

Give it to us. Go!

What did you push? German!

Let me tell you the back story of this.

You know why it’s always shaking?
Because it’s locked in a box.

See, if he can get out and we can do so much and push it and blow up the whole town.

Oh, blow up the whole world?
Let’s be careful with it.

Okay, so you can follow along in any language that you want

if you have the $35 phrase book…try not, okay…

if you have the $35 phrase book, umm, and it will show up in the app.

I’m going to show you how to get to it, and then we’re going to

do it in German with you! And we’d love for you to follow along.

So, we must go down.

To “C” For… “Clean up”

“Creative!” Oh for, “Creative” and, “Clean up.”

Or, “Crabby.”
And then we’re going to do the phrase,

“You need to clean your room.” Here it is.

Here it is! Here it is!
Oh, you know this one.

Are you ready?

“Du” “Du” “musst” “musst” “dein” “dein”
“Zimmer” “Zimmer” “aufräumen” “aufräumen”

“Du musst dein Zimmer aufräumen.”
“Du musst dein Zimmer aufräumen.”

Can you do that one again for us?
“Du musst dein Zimmer aufräumen.”

“Du musst dein Zimmer aufräumen!”

Do I sound like Daddy when I do like that?

“Du musst …umen!”
“Du musst dein Zimmer aufräumen!”

Where’d you go?

Like half the words in there got so, so crazy!

All right.

Awesome! When you’re just starting you might not hear all

the sounds, so just give it your best go.
Best, best go because you

Because you do German at home

and you hear it all, huh? Like, like I was born there, and, and we’ve been

doing it for a long time -It helps – because the more days

you do it, the better you get it, and less days, the slowly

you’re, you know the sounds.
So do it every day and you know

the sounds super super, super, super, super, super, fast. Super

fast. Super, super, super, super, fast.
Super, super, super, super, super.

Okay! If you’re using this phrase; please tag us in your Instagram

stories. We’ll see you there. Bye! And I am going to go attack some crocodiles!



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