German Phrase of the Day! Will you please whisper?

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After putting the baby down for a nap, do you keep your house loud or do you have everyone quiet down? With our first two, we could be as loud as we wanted. But with this baby, he is always waking up a bit early, so I find myself saying, “Will you please whisper?” to my older kids as we get closer to the end of his nap time–just in case he can nap a little longer.

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Hey, we’re continuing on with our

nap time phrases.

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I’m Adelaide, and I’m here with my son, Nolan,

who is a working on his hair.

All right, Nolan, today’s phrase for nap time is,

“Please whisper.”

Do you love nap time?

Yes or no?

Hard no, right?

Doesn’t like nap time.

If you tell Nolan that he’s napped,

you know what he’ll say?

That he didn’t.

But I think nap time is a wonderful time.

I love it.

Do I like to take my naps?

Do I like naps?

Yeah, I like naps, huh?

Nap time for the win.

But the baby has to take naps, right?

And when the baby’s taking a nap

what do I say to you? Please whisper.

Be quiet. Please whisper.

We have all those phrases.

And so today we’re going to focus on,

“Please whisper.” Would you love to whisper?

I hear you whispering in this video, huh?

You’re being really quiet.

Okay. So Nolan,

can you show them the phrasebook?

So we’re going to choose

one language to do this in,

but if you already have the book

in another language,

I’ll show you how to find the audio in the app.

So Nolan, you grab that button.

You choose the language.

Right here.

You got it?

Okay, go for it, bud.

Oh, wow, headshot.

Okay, you chose… guess what language?


Ausgezeichnet. Wir werden

Deutsch Sprechen. Okay?

I don’t want…

Oh, you want Spanish?

Okay, I’m sorry.

Generator went to German.

Okay, so to find this in the app,

you’re going to go to “W”

and then you’re going to go to, “Whisper.”

Nolan, let’s hear you whisper.

Oh, wow.

That’s a really quiet whisper.

I would love it if you whispered like that

during nap time, huh?

Ah, do you like to always

be loud at home playing?

What, what?

You love me?

You think I’m the best person

in the whole world?

You want to get a unicorn stuffed animal?

No? Oh I thought that’s what

you were whispering. I’m so sorry.

Okay. I love this word in German.

So let’s try it out in German. Here we go.

Nolan, try it with me.

“Flüstere” “Flüstere” “bitte.” “bitte.”

“Flüstere bitte.” “Flüstere bitte.”

Nolan do it real.

“Flüstere bitte.”

Okay, Nolan did it–

Oh, sorry.

Did it in his baby voice.

Can you try it one more time

in a happy voice and be positive?

Yeah? Okay. Let’s do it. Here we go.

“Flüstere” “Flüstere” “bitte.” “bitte.”

“Flüstere bitte.”

So that’s to, “Please whisper.”

So to start using that in your life,

you can say that to your child

and then say, “Please whisper,”

and then say it again in the foreign language,

so they can start catching onto

what you’re saying. You can also,

if you have two kids that talk to each other

and you can also have them,

put them in a situation and be like, hey,

I want you guys to tell each other to whisper,

because something is happening,

and they can practice that with each other,

so that they’re more inclined to use it together.

Okay, thank you.

Can you thank everybody, Nolan?

Thank you!

Thank you for joining us for today’s

Phrase of the Day.

And thank you, Nolan, for being here

with me on Phrase of the Day.

It is so fun when I have you.

All right, bye. Bye.


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