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Asking you kids, “Which book do you want to read,” can be quite the dilemma! I don’t know about you, but my boys love books, so picking out just one can be a hard decision. We are reading a lot of classic novels right now. With Halloween creeping up on us, I grabbed a spooky book in German to read to them as well! What’s your family favorite book to read together?

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Hello, and welcome to today’s

Phrase of the Day.

I’m here with Nolan, who’s super amazing

and brave at trying new languages.

What we’re doing is we’re replacing

things that we say in English with a

foreign language and today’s phrase is,

“Which book do you want to read?”

Would you rather you choose the book,

or Darian chooses the book?

You? Okay.

So this is a phrase I could say to you, Nolan,

instead of to Darian.




So we’re going to try this out

in a foreign language.

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phrases for the week,

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Nolan, can you grab the

random language generator?

Nolan and I are going to try out this

in one language. Okay.

If you already have…

Oh, grab the book.

I’m so sorry.

If you already have the book

I’ll show you how to find it in the app.

That’s the phrasebook there.

You can get it for $35, if don’t have it yet.

It has over 1,700 phrases.

Which is awesome.

Okay Nolan, you choose the language

that we’re doing this in.

Grab your button and then let’s do this.

Okay. You got German.

Okay. You ready for this?

So if you have the book

we’re going to go over to “B”

and then we’re going to go to, “Book,”

for some book phrases.

Book, book, book, book.

Okay, here we go.

“Which book do you want to read?”

“Welches” “Welches”

“Buch” “Buch”

“möchtest” “möchtest”

“du” “du”

“lesen?” “lesen?”

“Welches Buch möchtest du lesen?”

Nolan, Welches Buch möchtest du lesen?

I got a little tongue tied there.

Welches Buch möchtest du lesen?

I’m get really tongue tied today.

Let me drink some water.

Sometimes we just get a little tongue tied.

Okay, Nolan?

You did a really good job with that phrase.

I really loved it.


Welches Buch möchtest du lesen?

There we go.

Now it’s in German.

Sometimes when I’m speaking English

and I switch between languages,

my accent might carry over,

so when I carry over I get a little tongue tied.

So I would say that phrase to you.

And then you would get to

go choose the book.

Do you want me to use that with you today?

And I’ll say it to you and not Darian?


Would that be fun?

Okay, let’s do that today.

Then he can start…

well we use that phrase,

but you can do that in your family

so your kids can be like,

“Oh my gosh, I’m the one that gets to choose

the book today.”

Okay. I’d love to hear in the comments

what books you’re reading with your

kids right now,

and we’ll see you tomorrow for

tomorrow’s Phrase for the Day.

Bye. Bye.


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