German Phrase of the Day! What kind of pet do you have?

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It’s pet week!! That’s right! We get to say phrases that are most often used with pets. “What kind of pet do you have?” is the perfect ice breaker when visiting new friends. We don’t have a pet right now, but my kids would LOVE a cat or a dog that Hector would really not like to have.

Because most people have dogs or cats, this week’s phrases will be about them. If you are fun family with chickens, lizards, hamsters, or other animals, check out the $35 phrasebook to use those animals in phrases in the language of your choice!

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Hey, what’s up?

We are working on pet phrases this week.

I’m Adelaide!

And I’m Darian,

from TalkBox.Mom.

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Pet phrases.

Today’s phrase is,
“What kind of pet do you have?”

I did have a fish that was named Bubbles.

But now he’s gone.
He’s gone.

We love him.

We love Bubbles.

Goodbye, Bubbles.

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But Darian, what do you have there for everybody else?

The language generator.

The random language generator!

Okay Darian, let me get to that part
of the app where you

can choose the book that we are going…
Oh! you just pushed it!

Did you push it on accident? Yeah!

You got German.
You ready to do this in German?

To get to this phrase you are
going to go to “P” The letter “P”

And now I need to go peepee.

No, Darian! No potty talk.

Okay. Then we’re going to go over to, “Pet.”
High five!

Oh, good one. Okay.

“So what kind of pet do you have?”

I have a hamster now.
You want a hamster, right?

We’ll see. Here we go.

Do I get a hamster?

“Was” “Was”

“für” “fur”

“ein” “ein” We’re doing this?

“Haustier” “Haustier”

“hast” “hast”

“du” “du”

“Was für ein Haustier hast du?”

“Was für ein Haustier hast du?”

What is a “Haustier”?

What do you think a “Haustier” is? “Haus” is?

And, “tier” is, “animal.”

House. House animal?


Do you get it?

That’s how they do pets in German.
House? House animals.

So a lot of the words in German
are, like, put together,

and I think that’s fun because I don’t,
I guess you’ve never heard

the word “pet” in German, but you know,
“house,” and “tier,” and you’re

like, “Wait a second. What’s that there?”

Okay, awesome.

If you’re just starting, just jump in;
repeat with a native speaker…

I feel tired.

You feel tired?


Ah, that’s what Monday’s do to us, huh?

Jump in, and just have fun, and we’ll see you guys in the Instagram stories



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