German Phrase of the Day! What did I just hear break?

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I will never forget when one of my kids, who shall remain nameless, broke my Mac Book Pro. I was so shocked that my Mac Book Pro that I edit videos on, design graphics, and do countless other things with was gone. In an instant.

What’s the worst thing your child has ever broken? Pulling a doorframe from the wall and having a sink come off the counter are high on my list!


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Hi, this is TalkBox-

What the heck!
This week, we are doing foreign language

phrases for kids that fight, and today’s phrase is, “What did I just hear break?”

Uh oh. What do you think was happening
in the room when something

broke? What do you think? Tell us a story.

Okay, so a long time ago,

I was playing with my airplane, and
then I broke a vase, and

then I hid it under the carpet. And then,
of course, there were

lumps in the carpets so my mom found it.

Okay, and when it broke I can say,
“What did I just hear break?”



So we’re going to try that out in a foreign language.

We’d love for you to try with us.

Of course DM, comment to get this week’s Phrase of the Day

calendar, and Darian, if you could grab that random language generator.

All right, and if you could push that for me,

would you kindly push that?

What did you push? German!

Okay, we’re going to do this phrase in German.

If you have the phrasebook, the $35 phrasebook, you can

follow along in the language of your choice.

Whatever book you have,
it shows up in the app.

If you do, to get to it, you want to go to, “G” to

get to the phrase, “What did I just-“

Sorry, I mean, “B.” You’re going to go to the letter “B.”

I did it with my nose!

Did you really?

Guys, this is an important talent.

Oh, gosh.

Okay, so you’re going to go to, “B.”
Ew, your nose air just

blew at me! And then you’re going
to go to the word-

My ears popped!

“break.” Did it really?

Maybe I need to do some of that.

Okay, “Break (something).”

“Break” and “Take a break.”

So this one’s “Break (something).”

Mom, it helps your breathing be stronger.

It does? Maybe we should all be practicing this.

“What did I just hear break?”

Are you ready to try that, Darian?



This balloon’s like, broken.

“Was” “Was”



“gerade” “gerade”


“Was ist da gerade kaputtgegangen?”
“Was ist da gerade kaputtgegangen?”

Woah, we said that kind of weird.

I said it kind of weird, excuse me.

“Was ist da gerade…” So “Whatis there,”
like, suddenly.

“Was ist da gerade kaputtgegangen?”

“Was ist da gerade kaputtgegangen?”


It was really cute how you said it,

it made me giggle.
“Was ist da gerade kaputtgegangen?”

So like yeah, that makes sense.

So to practice this phrase, maybe you guys-
I’m going to give you challenge!

Make this balloon all the way blown up with your nose!

Okay, so to practice this phrase with your
child, maybe you

could have something that they’re like,
allowed to break and

then you can say, “What did I just hear break?”

and practice that so when you need it in the moment-

It went in the back of my nose.

you can use it. In our house, we have a rule that

you’re not allowed to break other people
or things in the

house or the house itself, right?

That’s really important to us because
we don’t want things breaking!

So, best of luck to you!

Yeah, you can break your own stuff with your money if you want to.

But best of luck to you and your home!

We’ll see you in the Instagram stories @talkboxmom.


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