German Phrase of the Day! Use your shovel to dig in the sand.

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What’s your child’s favorite tool to dig in the sand? My older boys are past settling for sticks and plastic shovels. They want the real deal to make some serious creations or holes. The baby is just happy to be along for the ride and will use whatever they hand him. 😂 You can use today’s phrase, “Use your shovel to dig in the sand,” the next time you are at the beach!

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Hello, and welcome to today’s
Phrase of the Day.

I’m Darian, and this is my mom, Adelaide.

And this week’s theme for
Phrase of the Day is… swimming.

Swimming. I forgot. Swimming.

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Today’s phrase is kind of fun

if you’re going to swim maybe at a lake or at the beach because

the phrase is,
“use your shovel to dig in the sand.”

Yay! Because that’s the fun thing about going swimming, right?

And then you can maybe, if you’re lucky,
you can go find a crab.

Oh, yeah.
Once, we did find a crab.

Yeah, once you did find the crab.
I would love to know, in

the comments below,

what fun things you guys
have found in the sand.


So, Darian, grab that
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the one that you have, and Darian and I are going to try it out

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So let’s try it out, Darian.

Okay, you chose German. Ooo yay, German!
Okay, so if you have the book, to get

to the phrase, what you’re going to do, and it’s marked at

the bottom of the phrase calendar as well.

You can see the little words in here. It says…

You’re going to go to “S”
Because at the pages say “A”

So now we need to go to “S” It’s alphabetical.


Oh, there you are in “S”
There you go.

“S” And then you’re going to go over to, “Shovel.” It’s on page…

Well, you know what?

This is the Spanish book. Oh yeah.
And we’re in… Deutsch. Deutsch!


So let’s try this one.

“Benutz” “Benutz” “deine” “deine”
“Schaufel,” “Schaufel,”

So let’s try that first part.
“Benutz deine Schaufel,”

So use your shovel, right?

“Benutz deine Schaufel,”
“Benutz deine Schaufel,”

Then it’s to dig in the sand.
So they’re going to say,

“um” “um” “im” “im” “Sand” “Sand”
“zu” “zu” “graben.” “graben.”

“Benutz deine Schaufel, um im Sand zu graben.”

“Benutz deine Schaufel, um im Sand zu graben.”

That was a good try. I liked it.

“Benutz deine Schaufel, um im Sand zu graben.” Let’s try the

ending part. Danke. Ah, bitte schön.
“um im Sand zu graben.”

“zu graben.” That’s kind of hard. “um im”
That trips me up.

“um im Sand zu graben.” Yeah, perfect.

I love it.

So to teach your family this phrase or teach with your kids

when you come out with the toys to dig in the sand, or if

you have a big shovel, sometimes we like digging really big

holes at the beach. If it’s allowed.

Oh yeah. Once we digged, once we digged-
We dug, yeah.

We dug a hole seven foot…
I didn’t mean to correct you there.

Now I’m all embarrassed. Once, we dug, what?

A hole that was bigger than my mom.
Mama was this high.

And it was so big, and if you went really down you can barely hear

the beach because all the sound went over it.
It was really deep.

It was really fun, and then the steps broke, and we got trapped for a

little and then-
Yeah, you guys did get trapped in there.

So before you, or when you get the sand toys out you can say,

“use your shovel to dig in the sand,” or if you have them out

and your kids aren’t really using them

you can say it again, and use that phrase, and hear it in the

app until it

becomes a really easy part of your day at the beach. And then, and then

you’ll say it every day and you’ll be so good at that language.

Yes. And I just wanted to say when Darian says we, we, we dig or…

what did you say? You said it funny, and I said, “dug,” and I

always tell people don’t correct like that because it’s not nice,

and I did it.

That’s why I said I’m so embarrassed.
It, like, slipped out of

my mouth and sometimes that happens-
It’s okay.

But the best way to correct if somebody says something incorrectly is to model

back correct language. So I tried to recover from that and

I was like, oh…
How do you do that, Mama?

You say, like, “oh, how did, or… you dug in the sand?”

“How did you dig,” wouldn’t

work, but like, “oh, yeah, you guys dug in the sand together?”

And you try to say it back correctly so you can catch on

to that.
So you can hear it really well. Yeah.

So thanks, Darian.
And thanks for joining us

for today’s Phrase of the Day.

We’ll see you tomorrow.



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