German Phrase of the Day! The tomatoes are growing.

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When Darian was a baby, he loved to eat tomatoes like apples! Do you have a kid who used to do that? Or maybe they still do! Kids’ taste buds are a funny thing. Well, I hope that if you planted tomatoes this year,  you can use this phrase, “The tomatoes are growing,” as you look out over your garden!

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Hello, this is Talkbox.Mom.
Today we’re doing Phrase of the Day.

I’m Darian. This with my mom, Adelaide.

Hey! Today’s phrase is
“The tomatoes are growing,”

which is always super
exciting when you’re gardening

and something starts growing. Yes, so fun.

Can you tell them how
you started your plants?

Well, we first got tomato seeds.

They’re right there.

Oh, yeah. We first got
tomato seeds, and

bell pepper, and watermelon, and zucchini?


And some squash.

And we got the little,

the little place where you put it,

then we got dirt and we
put them in the dirt.

And then we… it said
you have to measure it.

And it should go till right there,

so we had to poke a little
hole with our fingers,

Just that deep. You
couldn’t go deeper than that?



Otherwise it won’t grow.

And then we watered it everyday
and it started to grow.

Oh my goodness, that’s so fun, Darian!

I love that!

Okay, so this is a fun
phrase to use in your garden.

Darian and I are going to
try out this phrase,

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So, Darian and I, are going to
do this in one language.

If you already have the $35 phrasebook,

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so you can follow along in your language.

Okay Darian, you ready for this?

Okay, grab that random
language generator and hit it!

All right, we got German!

Okay, so to find this phrase in the book,

this is under “Grow,”

so we’re going to go to “G” like yesterday.

“G” like gross?


“Groß,” in German is like big, tall.

Or, Goose, Goose…

Okay, here we are, “Grow.”


All right, “The tomatoes are growing.”

We also have, like,
“The plant is growing really fast,”

so you can make it also
general, if you want to.

But, here’s the tomato.

Okay, let’s go!

Oh, and in German it
says they are growing,

like, good, well, you know?

“Die” “Die” “Tomaten” “Tomaten”
“wachsen” “wachsen” “gut.” “gut.”

“Die Tomaten wachsen gut.”
“Die Tomaten wachsen gut.”

Oh, I thought I turned…
I hit the wrong button.

OK, let’s do it one more time, you ready?

Did you see me laughing?

Do you know why I was laughing?

Because I was staring at the camera.

“Die” “Die” “Tomaten” “Tomaten”
“wachsen” “wachsen” “gut.” “gut.”

“Die Tomaten wachsen gut.”
“Die Tomaten wachsen gut.”

So, Darian and I, we
use German in our home, so

that was like kind of natural to do, huh?

Yes, because the more you use language,

the easier that it gets.

So, next time that you’re
looking at your tomatoes

and you’re proud of your
work, and they are growing,

you can say, “Die tomaten wachsen gut.” Ja?

OK, thanks for watching us
for today’s Phrase of the Day.

We’ll see you tomorrow.

Bye! Bye!


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