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Mmmmm. A hot day, and a beautiful lake. What a perfect combo. I’m totally the kind of person that says, “The lake is so beautiful,” like a hundred times as we’re out having fun. Especially since for the last couple months my view has been the living room, family room, and kitchen. 😂

Oh, to be able to travel internationally again! The MOST beautiful lake I ever saw was on a business trip with the co-founder of Miche Bag. Do you remember those purses that you could switch off the cover and have a different exterior on your purse? Well, like ten years ago, Annette Cavaness and I had a meeting in Lugano, Switzerland, so we drove from Munich all the way there. As we came out of a tunnel, there were huge cliffs jetting down until they hit the most beautiful lake. I had and have never seen a prettier landscape. It took our breath away. I would love to be able to go there again and just sit and stare at it as the cool air blows on my face… and eat a butter pretzel.

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Today’s phrase is, “The lake is so beautiful.”

I hope you have the chance to go out to the lake, or look at pictures

of a lake, or even when you see one in a book you can use this.

Yes, high five to that.
Camping is the best with the s’mores!

With the s’mores, and the berries,

Okay, here we go for-
And the huckleberries, and the razzleberries,

and the peanuts, and the cotton candy,
and the bears,

and the bears eating bears!

I feel like cotton candy and bears go together really poorly.

Like, it would be a disaster.
Grab that random language generator.

And then the bears will eat everybody-

And let’s push it.
-in the world.

So Darian’s going to choose what language we’re doing this in.

This is what happens.


Here, come on camera more so I can see you.
If a bear eats cotton candy, then he’ll get

super angry, and eat everybody in the world, and then all the bears

on the world will always be bugging out to the 90s hip-hop.

Oh, okay.
That’s totally true.

Love it.

Okay, hit that button.

But first, we need to give a big cotton candy!

Then they’ll bug out to the 90s hip-hop and eat everybody.

All right.

Love 90s hip-hop.

What did you choose? German!

So we’re doing, “The lake is so beautiful”
in German.

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of your choice, you can follow along in the app.

I’ll show you how to get there.

Otherwise, do this with us in German.
Here we go!

So to do this phrase, you’re going to want to go-
You want to throw balloons at

your cousins, or your sister, or your brother.

Then you want to fill up the balloons with propane, then tape

them up on your backyard, and then get a flare gun and it’ll explode!

Oh my gosh, I’ll have to tell you what your uncle

did with a flare gun at a church.

All right, another time.

Here we go.

See you want to go to, “L.” Guess what uncle would do something

like that. Who would it have been?
Everett and Noah?

It was Noah. It was Noah, my brother.

Okay, here we go.

So you go to, “L,” you go to, “Lake,”
and let’s try this out.

“Der” “Der”




“Der See ist wunderschön.”
“Der See ist wunderschön.”

Please don’t hit the mic with the
balloons, my love.

Can you say the phrase again?

What? You forgot the phrase?

It was, “Der See ist wunderschön.”

“Der See ist wunderschön.”

“Der See”
“Der See”






“Der See ist wunderschön.”
“Der See ist wunderschön.”

So again, you can practice this phrase when you see a lake,

when you are looking at lakes in photos, or when you’re looking

at lakes in books, and it teaches you a lot of things just in

that one phrase.

All right.

So if you’re using this phrase, tag us in your Instagram stories @talkboxmom

But don’t do the dot!
And we’ll see you-

Do not do the dot!


All right, bye!

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