German Phrase of the Day! Shake the water off your umbrella.

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This longer phrase, “Shake the water off your umbrella,” will give you a little challenge as we head into the weekend! Are you an umbrella person? I recently learned from our community manager Kaeti that longtime Pacific Northwest people say they are so used to the rain, they don’t use umbrellas. Like, what?! You just step into a shower with your dry clothes on? 🙉

Well, if you like staying dry and use an umbrella, it’s always a good thing to teach your kids good manners by shaking off the water from an umbrella before they head inside!

I’d love to know if you are team Umbrella or team shower with your clothes on. 🤣

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Hello! This is Phrase of the Day

and I am, your phrase is,

“Shake the water off your umbrella.”

Yes. Today’s phrase is, “Shake the water off your umbrella,”

which is always a very kind thing to do.

And I’m joined here by, by what’s your name, sir?

Mr. Hand Man!

Mr. Hand Man is going to try out the phrase, “Shake the..

“Shake the water off your umbrella.”

This week we have been doing phrases for cold weather.

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Mr. Hand Man… Did I get that right?

and I are going to try out a phrase in one language

and we would love you to try out the phrase with us.

So we’re going to have to have Mr. Hand Man

choose the language that we will be doing.

All right, hit it, Mr. Hand Man. Go.

All right. Mr. Hand Man, you got German.

Do you speak German, Mr. Hand Man?


Sometimes you speak German, okay.

Only on weekends. On the weekends?

All right. Great, great choice.

Weekends are always good time to, to speak German.

So if you already have the $35 phrasebook

in the language of your choice, which may be German,

or may not,

I’m going to show you where to find that in the app.

And again, I would love for you to try out this phrase

with Mr. Hand Man and I. So to get to it,

we’re going to go to “U”

and then we’re going to head over to, “Umbrella,”

where we “Shake the water off our umbrella.”

You ready for this Mr. Hand Man?

Yes, yes, yes.

Okay, so here we have, “Shake the water off your umbrella.”

“Schüttel” “Schüttel” “den” “den”

“Regenschirm” “Regenschirm” “aus.” aus.”

“Schüttel den Regenschirm aus.”
“Schüttel den Regenschirm aus.”

How did you, what’d you think of that Mr. Hand Man?

That was so fun. I loved it. Yay!

Oh it was so fun and you loved it?

Oh, so good to hear.

So when you are starting, always be really kind to yourself

and as you’re hearing the phrases more and using them more,

you’re going to see that the phrases are coming a lot easier

to say,

and that you’re able to add new phrases to your life

even faster.

So just remember if the beginning is slow,

it’s going to ramp up and you’re going to be making

a ton of progress, so keep going.

I would love to see in your stories or reels,

you trying out this new phrase.

All right, we’ll see you there. Bye.


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