German Phrase of the Day! Please wash your hands in the sink.

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After you’ve cleaned up the counter but before you start cooking, there is one very important step: washing your hands! Use the phrase, “Please wash your hands in the sink,” with your kids the next time they are ready to help in the kitchen!

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When Thanksgiving is coming up tomorrow

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Now, Darian and I are going to try out

one of these Cooking Phrases

which this is the most important thing to do

before you cook, which is?

Wash your hands.

“Wash your hands in the sink.”

Yes, we always want to wash our hands,

not in the backyard, not in the

toilet, in the sink.

Very important.

So we’re going to try out this phrase in German

and we would love for you to join us.

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“Use German at Home,” or use “Spanish at Home”

or what have you.

You can find this in the app under,

we are in “S” and we’re in the— We’re Superman!

Uh-huh. And we’re in the title “Sink” right here.

All right, Darian, are you ready to try this phrase?

Oh Yeah! Okay, here we go!

“Bitte” “Bitte” “wasch” “wasch” “deine” “deine”

“Hände” “Hände” “in” “in” “der” “der” “Spüle.” “Spüle.”

“Bitte wasch deine Hände in der Spüle.”

“Bitte wasch deine Hände in der Spüle” mama.

Yes and often I have my kids go to the bathroom

to wash their hands instead of in the kitchen,

because they’re not tall enough.

I am a man. You are now?

Oh my goodness, so to start using this phrase,

before you cook,

you can ask your kids to go wash their hands in the sink,

and then they can go and wash their hands in the sink.

An then you learned it. Yep!

All right, happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!



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