German Phrase of the Day: Pick everything up off the floor.

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Whenever my dad helped us clean when I was a kid, he’d have us get everything off the floor and put it on the couch. Then we’d vacuum. Once the house looked so clean, we just needed to put everything on the couch away for it to be DONE. And we couldn’t sit down until everything was put away. lol What’s your strategy for having your kids help pick up things before vacuuming?


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Hello and welcome to today’s foreign language Phrase of the

Day with TalkBox.Mom where you start talking in a foreign

language with your family the same exact day you start. Now

this week we have been doing phrases for cleaning up and

I am very excited about this phrase today because this phrase is,

“Pick everything up off the floor.” Something

I always say before we vacuum or one of my kids will say

if they’re in charge of the vacuuming chore. So, today we’re

going to be doing the phrase

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Today, we’re going to be doing the phrase in …do do do doooo!


Here we go! To get to this phrase

you’re gonna jump down to “V”.

And then you’re going to go into “Vacuum” and it is in there,

“Pick everything up off the floor.”

So, to start using a foreign language in your home

you just want to replace what you normally say with that

language, so we’re going to replace it with German. The native

speakers going to say the phrase for us and we’re going to

repeat with her. Repeat with her too at home!

I’m going to do it as well.

Here we go!

“Heb” “Heb” “alles” “alles”

“vom” “vom” “Boden” “Boden” “auf.” “auf.”
“Heb alles vom Boden auf.”

“Heb alles vom Boden auf.”
“Heb alles vom Boden auf.”

What I really, really, really love about TalkBox.Mom

in German is that those things that are so hard with using

your prepositions and your articles and putting those together

with the grammar is so easy because you hear how it’s supposed

to sound so you get an ear for it
because grammatically

this would be really hard for a beginner to put together,

and so, I just think it’s really cool that you can say it

just like a native speaker.


So, if you’re using this phrase in whatever language you’re

doing be sure to tag us on Instagram @talkboxmom

so we can feature you and your family going on with your bad

selves using your foreign language.

All right, see you in Instagram.

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