German Phrase of the Day! Let’s take a picture

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“Let’s take a picture,” was a much more novel phrase before the invention of cameras in phones! Can you remember when you didn’t have a camera at your fingertips every hour of the day? I am so thankful to be able to document as much or as little of my family’s life as I choose. Tell me, how many pictures are on your phone right now? I have 28,065 photos!

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We’re continuing on with our party
phrases for the week.

I’m here with, Darian, today.

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phrases that you can use like
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Okay that made kind of, kind of made sense.


So today’s phrase is, “Let’s take a picture,” because that’s

what we do at parties, right?
Lots and lots and lots of pictures.

So if you already have the $35 phrase book, you can follow

along in the app because you get that app access when you

get your book.
If you don’t, follow along with us, and we’re

going to have a lot of fun.

I’ll show you where it is.

Darian’s going to do this in one language.

Darian, can you choose the language that we’re going to do?

And go for it.

And you got German.

Okay, we’re going to
try out this phrase in German.

So if you have the book,
this is where you go in the app.

You’re going to go down to ‘C’ for, “Camera”.

For, “Camera”. Camera. Darian’s never seen
30 Rock, but I think

it’s funny how they were saying camera in one of the episodes.

Okay. Camera.

Yeah, they say it so funny.

Like, “I’m gonna be on camera,” and like, it was just silly.

I like, I like 30 Rock.


So we’re going to do, “Let’s take a picture,”
and we’re going

to say it with the native speaker.
And she’s going to say

it one word at a time to help us out.

Are you ready to try it, Darian?



Here we go.

“Komm,” “Komm,” “wir” “wir”
“machen” “machen” “ein” “ein” “Foto.” “Foto.”

“Komm, wir machen ein Foto.”
“Komm, wir machen ein Foto.”

Darian, what would be a fun way to practice this phrase?

Darian, what would be a fun way
to practice this phrase?

Taking photos?
Yeah, that’d be really fun.

So like, I would let you have my phone,
which I don’t like

when you have my phone, right?

So it would be very special, and then when you wanted to take the picture

and I get in it, then you would say?
How do you say in German?

Say, “komm, wir machen ein Foto.”
“Komm, wir machen ein Foto.”

You don’t need to read that.
Are you nervous to be on camera?

In our home we speak German and Spanish.

So I think someone’s a little nervous today, which is fine.

So what we would do, yeah, so we would just go around and

I’d be like, “komm, wir machen ein Foto,” and then Darian would

do it, and we would just practice using that phrase until

it felt really natural, and then when we needed to say it

we’d be able to say it in the moment.

And so that’s how you can start using that phrase.

All right, Nolan and I will see you tomorrow for

Phrase of the Day. Bye!


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