German Phrase of the Day! Let’s go down the slide.

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I have noticed that once my kids have caught on to some foreign language phrases, they like saying them to their friends as well. It’s just like when they talk about some cool new fact they learned in history; they want to share in their language learning as well. Today’s fun phrase, “Let’s go down the slide,” is a great one to work on with friends!

Have your kids and their friends say this to each other as they take turns going down the slide! Your friends might not be in the same language learning mode as you, but I know that kids love picking up new things! Even if it’s a single phrase. Plus, if the do end up loving it, you can give them your affiliate code to save $15 on the first box and phrasebook, and you’ll get $15 off your next box! Take a peek in your account to grab your code. 👏


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Today’s foreign language Phrase the Day is going to get you

playing at the park with your child.

I recharged Darian, he’s ready to go so
he can play and do

this phrase.

So today’s phrase is-
I’m going to tell it to you, Darian.

“Let’s go down the slide.” And don’t
get rubber burned.

And don’t get rubber burned.

“Let’s go down the slide.” Speaking of getting rubber burned,

we’ve been on slides all over the
world, and I think

the most rubber burning slides are the ones in Brazil. Remember

the concrete? It was just straight concrete.

We’re just sliding down that concrete.

I love it.

My pants were like, turning into strings.

My bottom’s on fire going down that concrete.


So, if you want to do these playground phrases with us, we

have a Phrase of the Day calendar that you can DM or comment

to us to get in the language of your choice. Darian, grab that

random language generator and let’s do this in one language.

And you can follow In the book or the app, or you can just follow

with us.

Yeah, if you have the book, it will show up
in the app for

you. Okay Darian, you already clicked it. You chose…

Holy smokes, you chose German.

“Let’s go down the slide.”

So if you have to $35 phrasebook, I’m going to show you how

to find it in the app.

You’re going to want to go to “S”

Go to, “S”.

And then you’re going to want
to go over to “slide.”

For sliding down that concrete.

My pants are on fire. Run, duck, and roll.
My pants are on fire!


Wait, “Go down the slide?”

Where is “Let’s?” Oh, here it is.

“Let’s go down the slide.”





“Komm, wir gehen rutschen.”
“Komm, wir gehen rutschen.”

You did say it faster than me. I said that last word kind of funny.





I said it weird, I feel like. Maybe I didn’t.

“Komm, wir gehen rutschen.”
“Komm, wir gehen rutschen.”

Yeah, that was good.

Yeah, I don’t know. I kind of feel like I’m off today, but that was

awesome. So when you start learning a
foreign language, it

takes you a while to be able to hear
all the sounds.

So just do your best. To have your child teach you this phrase;

have them say to you, and if they say it you
will go down

the slide with them.

Whee! I’m going down the invisible slide!

How about you say,
“I’ll go down the slide with you.”

Are you ready?

Come and say it in German. Say “Komm, wir gehen rutschen.”

“Komm, wir gehen rutschen.”

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