German Phrase of the Day! It’s time to take your medicine.

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When my kids are sick, I am glued to the clock, making sure I give medicine at the right time. And because sometimes it tastes so good or he hurts so much, Darian asks for it again and again until I can finally tell him, “It’s time it’s to take your medicine.” But for Nolan… he rather die than take medicine. I’ve lied him down with my legs on his arms and his head between my legs to force him to take medicine, and he will volcano it back up. Maybe he is meant to be a spy that saves his own life by refusing poison, but there is no way to get that boy to take medicine. It’s a battle! How are your kids about taking medicine when they need it?


🇨🇳Chinese {Mandarin}
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“It’s time to take your medicine,”
is today’s foreign language

Phrase of the Day. Whether you have a child who needs daily medicine

or it’s because they’re sick like
with, like, something for

the day like a fever, or something,
and you have to take it

on certain times,

this is a great phrase that you can use.

So for our foreign language phrases this week, we’re doing sick

phrases, and what do they do, Darian, to get their free printable?

You can comment down below or DM us,

and send a letter to the North Pole, and
Santa will give you,

Santa will give us the letter, and we’ll send it straight towards you.

Yep. We set up that whole process.

Okay, Darian, grab that random language generator so we can

try this foreign language phrase out.

Ready and… I can’t see your face.

There we are.

There’s our astronaut!
And you hit German.

This is a shield for the laser aliens.
So if you have the $35…

That’s your shield for your laser aliens?

If you have the $35 phrasebook,
you can follow along

in the app in any language.
I’ll show you how to get there.

So you’re going to head over to “M” for…


And then you’ll hit, “Medicine.” For “Mom?”
“It’s time to take your medicine.”

“Es” “Es” “ist” “ist” “Zeit” “Zeit”

“deine” “deine” “Medi” “Medi”
“kamente” “kamente”

“zu” “zu” “nehmen” “nehmen”

“Es ist Zeit deine Medikamente zu nehmen.”

“Es ist Zeit deine Medikamente zu nehmen.”

I don’t know if anybody could hear
Darian in his space suit,

but he did such a great job with his German.
Shhh. Don’t yell.

Ausgezeichnet! I told him he has to not yell on camera because it’s loud.

Okay, so to learn this phrase, I would recommend, put this phrase;

take your calendar, cut out that piece,
put it down wherever

you have your medicine.

So when you do need to give it you can use that phrase and

be reminded.


We will see you in our Instagram stories.

We’d love to see your family
using your phrases

Bye! Bye.

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