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What’s your idea of a perfect weekend? Mine is swimming in crystal a crystal clear ocean and eating chips and guacamole on a beach chair under an umbrella. Hector and I love this because there’s no phone reception, no distractions, just my family and guacamole. Since starting my business 6 years ago, I’ve worked incredible hard to structure my business in a way that suits our family to allow for long weekends now and then to do what we love. Sure, my workweek can be nonstop with homeschooling on top of all of it, but when I prioritize the things that fill me back up, it’s all worthwhile. The next time Hector says, “We have some extra points do you want to go to Mexico…” the first words off my lips will be, “I’m coming!”

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Hello! Welcome to

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This week-
I’m Darian from Talkbox.Mom

And here’s my mom, Adelaide from TalkBox.Mom.

Where you start talking in a foreign language
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And this week for our Phrase the Day we’re doing super short phrases.

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That went…it stayed on camera! Last one!

Today’s phrase is something that I
say all the time when

you, when you’re like this,

“Mom! Mom!” And what do I say?

“I’m coming.”

Yeah, or like, “Wait, please.”

“I’m coming.”

So that’s our phrase today.

“I’m coming!” and sometimes you say that too. “Darian, come over here.”

“I’m coming in like 10 minutes.”
In like 10 minutes? Right away!

Okay, here we go. Let’s – You’re like, “Wait!

I need to feed the Goldfish.”

Let’s grab the random language generator, and Darian’s going

to choose the language that
we’re doing it in today.

All right, Darian, pick it for us.

Let’s see which one it’s going to be.

Okay, here we go.

Oh, it’s mad. It’s mad.
You got it?

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Woah! German!

No, I’m gonna put you in that.

Okay, if you’re doing Talkbox.Mom in a
different language

and you already have the $35 phrasebook,

you can follow through it.

We’re going to show you how to follow the app.

If not, try this phrase out with us
in German, or if

you have it too, try it out in German,
because German’s fun.

Here we go.

To get to this phrase you’re going to go to “C”
For, wait

“C” again? “C” again.
We’ve been doing a lot of “C”s

You know, there’s a lot of words that start with, “C” and we’re

going to go to, “Come.” Come follow me.
Then we have, “I’m coming.”

All right here, let’s hear it.

Find it in the book. You ready to say it with me?

Okay, here we go.

And we’re doing German, remember?
Here we go.

“Ich” “Ich” “komme!” “komme!”
“Ich komme!” “Ich komme!”

“Ich komme!” Jimmy John’s!

Oh man!

I hope you guys have a lot of fun
practicing this phrase.

You can do it by having, like, someone go into another room,

and you call their name, and they get to yell.

“I’m coming.” “Ich komme Jimmy John’s!”

Yes, and then you can switch it up,
and you can have different

people call each other, and practice saying this. You’re like, “Ich komme, David!”

I think this is a phrase you’ll start
using in your home

really quickly

because we all say it a lot.
So, like so much.

Like when you are at the park playing game.

“We’re gonna leave.”

Look at your friends, right here.

They’re up there.

There we go.

Sorry, sorry.

I was looking out this window.
I know you’re looking

out the window. A squirrel was like, jumping from tree like an acrobat.

It was so cool. The squirrel was like, “Ich komme!” and it was like, “To the window!”

All right, if you’re using this
phrase or you’re practicing

it, we’d love for you to tag us in our,
in your Instagram stories

@talkboxmom, not the dot.

Not the dot for the Instagram.
Get the eraser.

Gone. Gone.

Okay! Tag us in it. Would you love to see some kids doing this phrase?



All right. Show us a video!

Show us a video! Bye!

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