German Phrase of the Day! I want a cookie, please.

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After the kids have praised you for your amazing meal you prepared (see yesterday’s phrase!), they can say, ” I want a cookie, please,” to add even more foreign language into your dinner time routine! What’s your favorite cookie? Mine is chocolate chip! Mmmmmmm.

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“I want a cookie,”

is today’s foreign language Phrase of the Day.

And I’m here with my favorite cookie monster, Nolan.

Thank you, Nolan!

All right, Nolan, we are going to be doing

this foreign language phrase in one language,

but if you’d love to follow our dinner time phrases

this week DM us for this week’s Phrase of the Day calendar,

and after dinner, “I want a cookie.”

So, let’s learn how to say it. Are you ready?


Okay, you choose the language.

Hit that random language generator!

Push the button. Go, go, go!

Awesome. You got German.

If you already have the $35 phrasebook–

Nolan, can you grab that?

And then can you sit up a little taller for me, sweetie?

Or you can sit on my lap.

Somehow you got really short there.

Where’d, like, where’d Nolan go? There we go.

So to find this phrase, if you already have the book,

you’re going to want to go to “W” for, “Want.”

All right, you ready?

Okay, we chose the language,

so let’s put that one down. And we’re going to go over

to, “Want.” And, Nolan, you’re going to say this with me?


Let’s do it.

Okay, right here. Push this one right here.

“I want a cookie.” Can you push that?

Can you push it with your finger?


“Ich” “Ich” “möchte” “möchte”

“einen” “einen” “Keks.” “Keks.”

“Ich möchte einen Keks.”

“Ich möchte einen Keks.”

That was really good.

To teach your child this phrase,

you can have a cookie and say, “okay

if you want the cookie just say it in German.”

And they can say, “Ich möchte einen Keks.”

If they don’t want to ask for it,

try again another time and take some pressure off,

but it can be a great incentive

to start using your foreign language.

Thanks for joining us for today’s

foreign language Phrase of the Day.

And we will see you all next week.



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