German Phrase of the Day! I need to use the computer.

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Darian loves to run up to me and say in a foreign language, “I need to use the computer,” and even though it isn’t always a need (cough cough computer games), I usually let him because (1) he asked in a foreign language and (2) he’s extremely strategic and only asks if his chores and school work are done. Like, how can I say no when he’s so on top of things?

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Hello, and welcome to today’s

Phrase of the Day.

We’re doing homeschool phrases.

And I think this phrase is Nolan’s brother’s

most used phrase.

it is, “I need to use the computer.”

What do you think about that, Nolan?

Does, Darian, say that? Oh, yeah.

So we’re gonna learn how to say this

in a foreign language. If you want to try it out

we have a free Phrase of the Day calendar

that you can comment or DM us to get in the

language of your choice. Nolan and I are going

to try it out in one language, and we’d love you

to join us on that.

Okay, Nolan, grab that random

language generator and let’s try this-

Oh, and this awesome book!

Oh, and we have this awesome book.

If you already have it, then you can hear the,

the audio in the app for the language

that you have.

Alright, let’s try this out.

Wait, don’t push it yet, Nolan.


Wait, nope.




Oh you pushed it.

I wasn’t ready.

Okay, you got German. Ooo.

Okay, and again the phrase is,

“I need to use the computer.”

So to get to it you’re going to go to “C”

and then you’re going to head over to

“Computer.” “Computer.” “Computer.” Okay.

“Do you want to play a computer game?”

“You’ve been playing computer games all day.”

“I need to use the computer.”


“Ich” “Ich” “muss” “muss” “an” “an” “den” “den”

“Computer.” “Computer.”

“Ich muss an den Computer.”

“Ich muss an den Computer.”

“Ich muss an den Computer.”

What do you say? “Nein, Ich muss”

“Nein, ich muss.”

“Ich muss an den Computer.”

“Ich muss an den Computer.”

Here, am I Darian? “Ich muss an den Computer.”

No. So you can have your child say

this phrase in order to use the computer

and maybe they’ll be excited to say it.

Say, “Ich muss an den Computer.”

Are you going to be nice to me if I say it?

I’m a little worried for my own safety.

Okay. Ich muss an den Computer. No.


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