German Phrase of the Day! I forgot my phone.

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m taking a poll: how good are you at knowing where your phone is? I am so bad about losing my phone. I haven’t lost it lost it in a while. Thank goodness. But when it comes to instantly knowing where I left it last and, like, if I grabbed it when I was heading out the door, that I am bad at. I think the sole reason I have an Apple watch is so I can bing my phone or swipe to see if it’s with me when I get in the car!

If you have a funny story about leaving your phone somewhere, I’d LOVE to hear it! I’ll leave mine in the comments. And if you’re at all like my or have a special someone in your life like me, you can practice saying, “I forgot my phone,” in the foreign language of your choice!


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Hey! This week we’re doing phrases for forgetful moms, or really, forgetful

anybody. I’m Adelaide. I’m Hector.
And we’re with TalkBox.Mom,

where you can speak in a foreign language from day one!

Day one with your family!


so, today we’re doing the phrase,

“I forgot my phone.”

Hector, do I ever forget my phone?

Of course not!
Wait…I don’t? Like, be honest.


Oh, that was sarcasm.


I am so good at losing my phone;

I think, like, the sole reason I have an Apple Watch is so I can bing my phone.

Because I, like, always forget it.

I forget it from different rooms.

I forget in different places.

Yeah, it’s bad.

It’s really bad.

So, this is a good one.

So, umm, if you’re following along this week,
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Where do we go Hector?

Oh, and today we’re doing
the phrase in German!

So, uh, I believe it’s under “Forget.”

“F” Ok, “F” and then I’m going to head over on the top to the word,

“Forget” where we have a lot
of things that you can forget!

And here it is.

Umm, okay.

So, we’re going to have the native speaker

say it, and we’re going to repeat with
her, and we’d love for

you to repeat at home as well.

“Ich” “Ich” “habe” “habe” “mein” “mein” “Handy” “Handy” “vergessen” “vergessen”

“Ich habe mein Handy vergessen.”
“Ich habe mein Handy vergessen.”

Oh my gosh! Always like,
“Ich habe mein Handy vergessen!”

Uh, so painful.

Okay, if you’re just starting
with your family, know that

it takes a couple weeks to
a couple months to hear all the

sounds being said. And, umm, anything you want to add, Hector? To help people

out at home? Yeah, don’t forget your phone.

Okay, if you’re using this phrase, tag us in, umm, Instagram stories,

especially if you make something silly with your family using

this phrase in whatever language that you’re doing, and we’ll

see you-
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All right. See ya! Bye!

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