German Phrase of the Day! I already said, “No.”

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What is that one thing you know your kids will ask for while out running errands? My boys always ask for those big, round lollipops at Home Depot, and I don’t want to buy them. Cavities are expensive, right?! For as frustrating as it can be when our kids to beg, at least now you will have the opportunity to turn it into a language learning moment! I’m sure your kids will enjoy hearing you say, “I already said ‘No,'” in a second language just as much as they love hearing it in English! ha! 🙃


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Darian, true or false: when we go to Home Depot when running

errands, you want to get a lollipop when we’re in line.

That’s easy!

Everybody will say, “Yes, lollipops!”
And then when I say, “No”, what do you say?


And then I say, “I already said ‘No'”, right?

Then I’ll be like, “No!”

When we’re out running errands, sometimes our kids want

extra things, and you know, what?
Tough luck, you can’t get it!

And so today’s phrase is, “I already said, ‘No'”.

So we’re going to learn that in a foreign language.

If you want to work on our errands phrases,

the phrases we’re working on this week,

we have a really nice printable that you
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comment for free. Do you want to show that, Darian? On your side?

And so we’re going to do this phrase in one foreign language

I really like this app right here because I can just rest my head on it.

Yeah, just rest your head right there, perfect.

Oh, it’s wiggling.

Wake up, wake up, it’s wiggling!

All right Darian, grab that random language-

And you can follow it on the book.

Here’s the random language button…
Yeah, you can follow along in the book, too.

If you have the $35 phrasebook, you can

follow along in the language of your choice.
Mom, do you like my new beard?

I love your new beard.

Oh, it’s clicking something.

Oh, it got weird.

Do it again?


Okay, we’re going to do it in German.

Like Darian said, if you already have the book, I’m going

to show you how to find it in the app that comes with the

book. So you’re going to head over to, “N” for…?

Nolan! for knowledge and who’s Nolan your brother?

For Nolan! Who’s Nolan?

My brother!
Your brother!

Okay, so now we’re going to do,
“I already said, ‘No'”.

I thought it was going to fall, that whole thing.

Okay, listening? Ready to listen?
I’m listening!

Okay, get on your chair. Let’s do this.

Super, super, serious face!






Do you want to do that one more time, slow?

Okay, let’s do that.

One more time slow.

“Ich habe bereits”
“Ich habe bereits”

“„Nein” gesagt.”
“„Nein” gesagt.”

“Ich habe bereits „Nein” gesagt.”
“Ich habe bereits „Nein” gesagt.”

Oh, that’s nice. You said that really nice.

Okay, here we go.

Let’s do it with her.




“„Nein” ”
“„Nein” ”

“gesagt.” “gesagt.”

“Ich habe bereits „Nein” gesagt.”
“Ich habe bereits „Nein” gesagt.”

When you are learning a foreign language phrase,

it’s fun to add a motion to it so that you can remember it

even better, and put yourself in a situation.

So, I’m going to ask for something again.

I’ll be like, “Pizza, pizza!”

And what do you say, Darian?

“Ich habe bereits „Nein” gesagt”

“Ich habe bereits”
“Ich habe bereits”

“„Nein” gesagt.”
“Ich habe bereits „Nein” gesagt.”

All right, awesome! Getting ready over here.

Okay, if you’re using this phrase, please tag us in your

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See you there. Bye!

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