German Phrase of the Day! How are you?

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It’s manners week! Yay for manners! There is nothing better than being in public when our kids are on their best behavior. Has anyone ever complimented you on your kid’s great behavior in public? Tell me in the comments below. I want to celebrate the big wins with you! I will share mine in the comments too 😊

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Hello, and welcome to TalkBox.Mom
-Ow, my hair, my hair, my hair, ow.

Okay, today’s foreign language Phrase of the Day is, “How are you?”

And tomorrow we’ll have an answer for it.

So let’s start out with that phrase.

Obviously, Darian, is having a happy day.
Happy day.

So let’s grab that random language generator because we’re

going to try out this phrase in one language.


I’m sorry. That’s okay.

All right, let’s try it out Darian.
Grab that roundom language

generator. Let’s get crazy!

Wow, you chose German. Oo, yay, German.
Okay, we’re doing the phrase,

“How are you?,” in German.

So if you have the $35 phrasebook, you can follow along in

the app. We’ll show you how to get there.

You’re going to go to “H” for Hector.
For Hector, for our,

his daddy’s name.

I love that. For, “How, how are you?”

Now this, this phrase in German, it’s

fair, it’s similar to know this.
In Germany you really want

to ask people

you know, well, how are they doing.

Here we kind of just ask anybody
how they’re doing.

But there it’s a, it’s something you ask your friends. It’s like a hello.

It’s like a, “Hello”. Here it’s like a, “Hello,”
but in Germany, no.

Here we go. Let’s, let’s learn this phrase.

“Wie” “Wie” “geht” “geht”
“es” “es” “dir?” “dir?”

“Wie geht es dir?” “Wie geht es dir?”

“Wie geht es du?” What is that? I don’t know. That’s funny. “Wie geht es dir?”

I was trying to, maybe that would do it.

That’s funny because you say that all the time.
“Wie geht es dir?”

So, awesome. Alright, so that’s how you use that phrase.

Use it in your home,
and then you can say it, right?

Do you have any advice?

Did you feel nervous on camera?

Is that why you said it funny?

That’s funny.

No, I have no idea. You just did it?
I just did it.

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