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A change of scenery always does the trick to boost moral, am I right?! When the kids get a little crazy at home, we go for a walk! I am so thankful the weather is getting nicer, and we can get outside more often. Today’s phrase is, “Do you want to go in the stroller?” Whether they say yes or no, I know I’m bringing the stroller with! How many times have you had to carry a tired out toddler half way through the walk? Now you can use this phrase when they tier out and pop them in!

Plus, right now, I’m using this phrase with the six year old because Nolan won’t wear PANTS. So I ask him if he wants to sit in the stroller, so I can get him to come along. He just sits in the jogging stroller with a blanket over him… This lockdown has changed him. Will he ever wear pants again? I don’t know…

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Hey, it’s Adelaide fromTalkbox.Mom
where you start

talking in a foreign language with your family from day one,

and we are continuing on with our theme
of baby phrases!

Phrases that you can use with your baby.

Now, this is really fun because you start to really see that the

way you’re teaching your baby to speak English is the same

way you can teach your baby a foreign language just by using

it. And today’s phrase is,
“Do you want to go in the stroller?”

So, this is something you would talk out loud and say to a

baby, or to a toddler, or
to your six-year-old that you just

don’t want to deal with.

So, what we’re going to do is,
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And, if you already have the $35 phrase book, you can follow

along in the app that comes with it.

I’m going to show you how to get there.
So, I’m going to be doing

this phrase today in German,
and, so I’ll show you in German

how to get there, but it works the same in your book. So, to get to this phrase,

you’re going to want to click on your book,

and then go down to “S.”

Okay, and then go over to all of our
stroller phrases, so, you can

really see I’m excited about stroller phrases!

Okay, so here I am at “Stroller” and then,
“Do you want to go in the

stroller?” I like the word for stroller in
German because

it’s “Kinderwagen” like the child wagon, “Kinderwagen” so it’s

cute. I think it’s cute.

All right.

“Möchtest” “Möchtest” “du” “du” “in” “in” “den” “den” “Kinderwagen” “Kinderwagen”

“Möchtest du in den Kinderwagen?”
“Möchtest du in den Kinderwagen?”

Now, what I love about German, oh still going! What I love about

German with this is that, “in den”
is already done for you,

so you’re not like, “Oh my gosh, how do I…”
you know, “…decline this article?”

It’s already done.

So, you’re learning it like a native speaker.

That’s why I love this for German!
So, if have friends learning

German, tag them below because this is the best way to learn

German as a family.

I absolutely love it! Now, if
you’re using this phrase with your family,

we would love to celebrate with you!

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so that we can have fun with you.

Ok, I’ll see you on Instagram.

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