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Do you know that show Say Yes to the Dress? They always ask the question, “Are you saying ‘Yes’ to the dress,” knowing full well that the bride-to-be is going to say, “Yes.” Asking my boys, “Are you finished,” is kind of like that–but about school! They love being able to tell me they are done with school for the day, so I always like to ask, “Are you finished?,” and I get a resounding, “Yes!” back. Tell me… what do your kids want to do FIRST when they finish their school work?

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Are you finished, Nolan?

That’s today’s Phrase of the Day with our Time’s Up phrases.

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Nolan and I are gonna try

“Are you finished?” in one language.

We’d love for you to try it with us.

So Nolan, grab that random language generator.

Let’s try this in one language.

And the book!

If you already have the book,

we’ll show you how to find it in the language you’re doing.

So Nolan and I are gonna try this out in,

go for it


Okay, so here we go.

To find it in the book you want to go to “F,”

and then you want to go over to

to what?

To “Fart?”


Yeah? Do you want to go to “Fart,”

is that what we’re doing?

“Are you finished?”


If you have a resistant child, I do recommend this section.


We’re gonna go over to “Finish,”

and here we go.

“Are you finished?”

“Bist” “Bist” “du” “du” “fertig?” “fertig?”

“Bist du fertig?” “Bist du fertig?” “Bist du fertig?”

We use that one a lot in our home,

so that’s a phrase that Nolan knows a lot.

If you’re just introducing this phrase,

Nolan, “Bist du fertig?”

“Nein.” [No]

Nein? Ha, nein! [No]

Okay, to introduce it, you can just start saying that

when they’re done.

And then remember,

you can always use German and then English then German

to reinforce what you mean.

And then it will become a normal part of your life

and your children will be able to respond and use that

and also use the words from it

and all the sentence patterns

to really make German a part of your life.

All right, thanks for joining us for today’s

Phrase of the Day.

We’ll see you tomorrow for our last one for this week.




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