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On Monday, I went to out to lunch by myself. There’s a few restaurants I like that my family hates, so I drove over to the Olive Garden by myself. lol Do you ever do that as a mom? You just decide you need a meal alone? It happens once in a blue moon, but that quiet lunch with no one talking to me gave me exactly what my mind needed. After lunch, I was ready to be present for work and my kids. But when those bread sticks hit my table, all I could say was, “Yummy!”

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Today’s phrase is, “Yummy!”

This week, we’re doing super Short Phrases

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Can you grab it, Darian?

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And Darian and I are going to try out this phrase, “Yummy”

in a foreign language,

and we’d love for you to try out the phrase

with us! Try out the phrase with us!

But we don’t know what language we’re doing yet,

and so Darian’s going to grab our random language generator.

Oh, sorry.

If you already have the phrasebook,

I’ll also show you how to find it

in the language of your choice in the app.

So let’s go for it.

You ready Darian?

Oh, I’m not on the page yet,

and go for it!

Are you pushing it?


I don’t think you’re pushing it.

You pushed it, okay.

You got “Use French at Home”.

It’s been kind of

a favorite of yours going on

last couple of weeks. Yeah, I love French.

Okay, so to find it in the book or in the app,

you’re going to want to go to “T” for “Taste.”

Let me think. What are you thinking about?

“Tall?” “Tall.”

“Tall” starts with “T” as well.


So we have like, “Taste the soup,”

“The food tastes so good,”

and then we have “Yummy.” “Yummy!”

Okay, here we go.

“Miam !” “Miam !”

“Miam !” “Miam !”

“Miam !” “Miam !”

It kind of sounds like, “Meow!”

“Miam !”

They heard a cat really like their food,

and they’re like, “Miam !”

It’s like, “Oh, meow!”

“Miam !” “Miam !” “Miam !” “Miam !”

That’s a really fun one.

So to add that,

all you’d have to do is eat anything that I cook.

And then you’d say, “Miam !”

I like that you didn’t say anything mean about that.

What’s your favorite?

What do you think that you think is the yummiest,

one “Yummy,” or just one of the “Yummy” things you liked?

I like— I like the baked potatoes that daddy makes.

And you, the broccoli cheese.

Do you like when I make steak?

Oh yeah, that’s really yummy.

Okay, so you could eat that,

and you could say— And the second thing is

the broccoli—

“Miam !” “Miam !” The broccoli cheese thing

with the meat— “Miam !”

Oh yeah, I make a chicken alfredo.

Oh yeah, that’s so yummy.

Oh, that’s so fun.

I’d love for you to comment below

what your kid’s favorite food is that you cook for them

so that they can say,

do you remember it?

“Miam !” “Miam !” Yum yum yum!

All right, thanks for joining us.

We’d love to see you using this in the Instagram stories.

Bye! See you there!


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