French Phrase of the Day: You have a booger.


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One of our TalkBox.Mom families always says, “You have a booger,” in French to help each other out without making a scene. Now, this works really well when no one else speaks French…⁠⠀
Like, one time, I was on a film shoot in college, like right after my freshman year, and someone asked me to “say something in German.” Derek Pueblo was directing and happened to be setting up a shot a couple feet in front of me and was bent forward. I commented on how nice his *ahem* backside looked in German. And he turned around, winked, and said, “Danke schön.” 😂 Add that to another embarrassing but hilarious moment of mine.⁠⠀
Have you ever had an embarrassing moment when you thought someone didn’t understand you but they did?⁠

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Hey, it’s Adelaide from Talkbox.Mom where you start

talking in a foreign language with your family the same exact

day you start. In this week’s
Phrase of the Day,

we are focusing on embarrassing things that you would rather

say in a foreign language with your family, especially when

you’re out in public.

So today’s phrase is, “You have a booger,” and we’re going to

be doing this phrase in French, but if you’re doing a different

language, just comment below for a Phrase of the Day calendar

for the week, and we’ll send that over to you for free, and

if you already have the $35 phrasebook in the language of your

choice, you can follow along in the companion app, and I’m

going to show you how to get there, and we’re going to do

this phrase in French.

So if you want to do French with your kids or you just want

to try this one out for fun because it is a fun phrase,

let’s do that together.

So in the app, I’m just going to go ahead and click on the

book that I have, and I’m going to go down to the chapter

“B” and then head over to our entire section that is dedicated

dedicated to “Boogers.”

So let me head over there.

Here we go!

Now, just as a friendly reminder,

I do not do French with my family,

so I’ll be trying this out for fun.

We do Spanish and German at home.

So let’s give this one a go.

“Tu” “Tu” “as” “as” “une” “une”
“crotte” “crotte” “de” “de” “nez” “nez”

“Tu as une crotte de nez”
“Tu as une crotte de nez”

That was my best go, and so

if you want to start using this phrase with

your family, all you would do is don’t think you have to

do all this prep work before hand. Just start using it.

You can even just use the audio in front of you.

And so, I would go and tell my kids I’d say, “Tu as une crotte de nez.”

Right?! And then if I feel like I’m not saying it

right, I would listen to it again.

It actually takes a couple of weeks to a couple of months

to hear all the sounds being said, so just dive in and just

do your best when you’re starting, and then if they’re like,

“What’s that?”

I’d be like, “That means you booger in French,” and I would try to

use it as often as I could, and I know my kids would use it on

me even just like to be silly.
I think it’s really fun!

So if you want to hear it again, definitely rewind and go

and listen to that phrase. It was so fun!

Now if you are using this phrase and you’re doing fun stuff

with it, make a video and tag us on Instagram stories with

@talkboxmom because we’d love to feature you and your

family having fun using a foreign language.

All right. I’ll catch you tomorrow and tomorrow’s Phrase of the Day. Bye!

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