French Phrase of the Day! You can dig in the dirt.

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Once when Darian was over at Great Grandma’s house, he asked to go dig up some veggies from her garden. My Grandma had already harvested everything, but didn’t want him to miss out on any fun, so she quickly grabbed grocery story vegetables from the fridge and “planted” them in the garden. As he dug through the dirt, Darain was amazed to find perfect vegetable after perfect vegetable! hahaha. To this day, Darian still thinks my Grandma is the best gardener out there! Use today’s phrase, “You can dig in the dirt,” the next time you want to pull a fast one on your kids! 😉

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Hello, and welcome to today’s

Phrase of the Day.

I’m here with, Nolan. Me!

And we are doing foreign language phrases

about gardening this week.

And today’s phrase is, “You can dig in the dirt.”

Do you like digging in the dirt?

So much.

So this is a really great phrase to use

because he really wants to do that.

So we have a free Phrase of the Day calendar

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Nolan and I are going to try out this phrase

in one language,

and he’s going to use the random language

generator to choose that.

And if you have the awesome book,

you can follow along in

the app that comes with it in the

language that you purchased.

So, and I’ll show you how to get there

when we’re at that point.

So, Nolan, sir, if you can choose the language.

Go for it.

Whoa, what did you get?

French. All right, let’s try this out in French.

Do you speak a little French?

Nope. Okay.

We’re, we, like, started a little bit French.

Do you remember going, “Tu as faim ?”

Yeah, that’s about, that’s the extent

of our French right now.

Okay to go to this in the app

you’re going to want to go to “D”

So I’m clicking that now.

I’m in the, in the TalkBox.Mom app.

And I’m going over to “Dig” at the top.

I did that kind of fast.

So here’s, “you can dig in the dirt.”

“Tu” “Tu” “peux” “peux” “creuser” “creuser”

“dans” “dans” “la” “la” “terre.” “terre.”

“Tu peux creuser dans la terre.”

“Tu peux creuser dans la terre.”

Let’s try it again, Nolan.

Can you give it your best go?

You got, like, the rhythm of it.

So that was really good.

Give me a high five for the rhythm of it.

Oh, a head five.

All right.

Here we go, Nolan.

Should we do it in a silly voice?

What if we did it in Batman voice?

I’m going to do it in Batman voice.

Chicken voice. A chicken voice?

But you have to say real words.

Is that okay?

Here we go.

“Tu” “Tu” “peux” “peux” “creuser” “creuser”

“dans” “dans” “la” “la” “terre.” “terre.” “terre.”

“Tu peux creuser dans la terre.”

“Tu peux creuser dans la terre.”

Is that like a little, a little chick saying it?

So sometimes when my kids are not, like, super-

I was a baby. Baby voice.

-interested in trying something out

we’ll try something in a different

voice just to make it fun.

So, Nolan, now wants to do a baby voice.

So should we do it in a baby voice?

I did do it.

I’m going to do baby voice with you,

but I’m going to be, like, the sad baby.

Okay? Or maybe a happy baby, actually. Ready?

And I be a sad baby.

You’re going to be a sad baby?

But no scream crying, okay?

But then when I’m done? Okay.

And for the phrases, so we’re

saying, “You can dig in the dirt,” in French, okay?

“Tu” “Tu” “peux” “peux” “creuser” “creuser”

“dans” “dans” “la” “la” “terre.” “terre.”

“Tu peux creuser dans la terre.”

“Tu peux creuser dans la terre.”

Nolan, was that fun trying that out?

That’s how you say, “You can dig in the dirt,”

in French.

So to start teaching him this,

I would say that before he

can go dig in the dirt,

and, so that he can make the association

between what I’m saying and what it means.

The more I say it also, and also we hear it,

the better he’s going to hear this phrase

and not be so little bit nervous about it.

Are you nervous about saying this phrase, Nolan?

Nah. You’re kind of, right? A little bit?

And that’s okay when

you’re starting to be nervous about it.

What makes you nervous about that phrase?

Nolan? I’m licking the phone.

I can see you doing that.

What makes you nervous about that phrase?

I don’t know. You don’t know?

Are you scared you’ll mess up?

What do you think you’re scared about?

I don’t know it.

You don’t know it?

But our goal is just to have fun.

Did you have fun doing the phrase?

Yeah! Then you did a great job.

And then we can get even better at it as we

keep having fun doing the phrases.



Thanks for letting us be so silly.

I can’t believe I was so silly in a video.

Usually that’s in private

with my kids being so silly.

So you guys have a wonderful day.

Thank you.

Bye. Bye.


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